Do not miss beautiful and magic Antigua! Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. This beautiful and magical colonial city has almost five hundred years of history, with a privileged climate and an exceptional view of the Fire and Acatenango volcanoes.

In this city, time stopped and was trapped in the thick walls of its temples, monasteries and colonial houses. This colorful town still has restored buildings from the 16th century, and can be walked on foot through its cobbled streets.

From Cerro de la Cruz, located northeast of the city, La Antigua Guatemala looks impressive. The emblematic Water Volcano has witnessed the glories and falls of the population. The beauty of this city lies in each of its details. Those who visit it are amazed by its historical attractions, and ancient temples and monasteries that are part of its legacy.

The main tourist attractions of La Antigua are the Palace of the General Captains, the Convent and Arch of Santa Catalina, the Plaza Mayor, the Jade Museum, the Antigua Guatemala Cathedral, the Museum of the University of San Carlos, the Holy Route of Brother Pedro, among others. The city is also rich in handicrafts such as traditional weavings, ceramics, silver and gold products, ceramics, metallic products, typical sweets and gastronomy.

Over the years, Antigua kept its colonial charm and perfect climate and is today one of Guatemala’s premier tourist destinations. Visitors enjoy shopping at the markets, where they can purchase brightly colored textiles, pottery and more. Many of the old convents and monasteries are still in ruins but have been made safe for tours. Antigua is surrounded by volcanoes: their names are Agua, Fuego, Acatenango and Pacaya, and visitors like to climb them when it is safe to do so. Antigua is particularly known for Semana Santa (Holy Week) festivities. 

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