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Coba Maya Village

129 USD119 USD

(per traveler)

* 1 person is required for this tour.

Total: 119 USD

*All taxes included in the price.


Where? Cobá, México
Departures from: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

Available days: Monday to Sunday

Duration: 9 Hours
Starting time: 09:00 h
Ending time: 18:00 h

What else is included?
Bilingual Guide

What’s not included?


  • Itinerary
  • 06:30 to 08:00 a.m. Pick-up at hotels in the Riviera Maya or Cancun
  • 09:00 to 10:00 a.m. Arrival to Coba, or Maya villages (according to the logistics)
  • Coba. (2 hours).
  • Visit temples and the legendary ballgame of this majestic archeological site. Follow the paths to arrive at the Nohoch Mul, the tallest temple in the whole Yucatan Peninsula, from the top of which you will enjoy breathtaking views of the amazing jungle that surrounds the site. Optional bike rental is available at the site.
  • Maya Villages. (3.5 hours). You will have the opportunity to see how the Maya live and learn from their culture and traditions.
  • Laguna Chabela. Meet the Cahum Family, admire how they have lived for generations, observe a traditional Maya house, and how women cook hand-made tortillas.
  • Esmeralda: This Maya community still lives from agriculture, learn about local flora and walk to the Cenote.
  • Swimming. A refreshing dip in the crystal, clear fresh water of the beautiful Cenote (underground cave).
  • Maya ritual. Be part of an authentic blessing ceremony that a Maya Shaman will perform for you with copal incense.
  • Maya village. Learn about how the Maya village has evolved with ecotourism and understand their economic and social growth.
  • Traditional meal. Enjoy an authentic Maya menu including soup, chicken, vegetables, rice, beans and hand-made corn tortillas.
  • 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. Drop off at hotels in Riviera Maya or Cancun.


The expedition includes: Transportation for small groups, traditional lunch, water, English spoken guide for all day, all equipment required for activities, towel and lockers.

Recommendations: Bring comfortable shoes, fresh clothing, bathing suit on, extra shirt and cash or credit card for crafts and photos.

Important: This expedition is not suitable for children under 6 years old. People under the influence of alcohol or toxic substances won’t be allowed to participate.

Prepare to be awed!

The great Maya civilization was set on the Yucatan Peninsula and their power last from 300 b.C. to1524. Their cultural legacy was transmitted from one generation to the next, adapting to the present life. The Coba Maya Ville is a complete expedition to unveil the Maya culture and share traditions with the people from nowadays.
Visit the archaeological site of Coba, and discover the amazing Nohoch Mul, the tallest temple in the Yucatan Peninsula. From the top you will have stunning views of the jungle. Visit a secluded Maya family set in Laguna Chabela, they will share with you their natural lifestyle. Swim in a beautiful Cenote (underground cave) at the Esmeralda community and enjoy a meal of typical food in a small Maya village.

Good to know! Bring along:

  • icon_comfortable_clothes.pngComfortable clothes
  • icon_hat.pngHat
  • icon_money2.pngMoney
  • icon_sunblock.pngSunblock
  • icon_sunglasses.pngSunglasses
  • icon_backpack.pngSmall backpack
  • icon_camera.pngCamera
  • icon_mosquito.pngRepellent

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