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Yaxchilan and Bonampak Tour Basic

Days of departure Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday , Friday , Saturday, Sunday,

Starting time 05:30

Ending time 19:00

Duration 14 hours and a half

85 USD74 USD

(per traveler)

* 2 persons are required for this tour.

Total: $74 USD

*All taxes included in the price.

Prepare to be awed!

The magical site of Yaxchilan is only accessible by boat. Travel down the Usumacinta River that runs between Guatemala and Mexico to reach Yaxchilan, whose name means Green Stones in Maya. Explore this site, known for its incredible sculptures, whilst listening to the howling monkeys roaring all around in the tree above. We will then take you to Bonampak, in the Lancandon jungle, where some of the most detailed and colorful murals can be found. Each of these sites has a very unique charm!


Yaxchilán, Ocosingo, México

Departures from: Palenque


5:30 a.m. We collect you from your hotel
8:00 a.m. We will have breakfast in the lovely local restaurant (not included in price)
10:30 a.m. Visit the archaeological site of Yaxchilan, via a boat ride down the Usumacinta River 
14:30 Visit to the archaeological site of Bonampak 
19:00 Drop-off back at your hotel


*** This itinerary may vary.


On this tour we invite you to visit two of the most impressive, full of culture and nature surrounded by paradisiatica Mayan archaeological sites. Yaxchilan Mayan city built on the banks of the Usumacinta River, notable for the large number of stone sculptures. Bonampak located in the heart of the Lacandon Jungle, Mayan city famous for his paintings which he gave that place the name Bonampak, meaning painted murals .



What’s included?

  • Ticket
  • Transportation
  • Boat ride
  • Meals

What’s not included?

  • Meals
  • Money for suvenirs
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Gratuities

Good to know!

  • icon_comfortable_clothes.pngComfortable clothes
  • icon_hat.pngHat
  • icon_money2.pngMoney
  • icon_sunblock.pngSunblock
  • icon_sunglasses.pngSunglasses
  • icon_backpack.pngSmall backpack
  • icon_camera.pngCamera
  • icon_mosquito.pngRepellent


Discover Yaxchilan:

Feel like a first time explorer at this magical site

Boat ride

Enjoy the boat ride that gives you a glimpse into Guatemala.

Bonampak murals

These murals are really something special. Enjoy the colors and the detail.

Off the beaten path

Explore some of the areas beyond Bonampak's main plaza and imagine how the archaeologists who discovered the site must have felt.



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