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Coba Maya Encounter

The most exciting adventure is waiting for you with our tours.


Our archaeology tours in Riviera Maya are planned carefully to ensure the greatest experience of some of the most beautiful archaeological Mayan buildings at the area. Some of them are just by the sea and other deep in the jungle. This will be an amazing and interesting experience.

The Riviera Maya has, among all its amenities, the most amazing archaeological sites. They are more spectacular because some of them are surrounded by dense vegetation or even bathed by the sea. That is why our team has planned the best archaeology tours in Riviera Maya for a while now.

The Riviera Maya has the most extraordinary archaeological sites.

Our archaeology tours in Riviera Maya are thought for adventurous, foreign visitors who love history and investigation, all this combined with great fun. There are many hidden archaeological sites all along the Riviera Maya. Some of them are even not fully restored, which gives them a mysterious and interesting atmosphere.

Swim through spectacularly mysterious routes, surrounded by amazing stalactites and stalagmites; discover the secrets of the Mayan underworld and its 400 meters, which also have several outings. The water temperature is 24 ° C and when you finish, a delicious and nutritious buffet will be waiting for you in our Xplor tours for small groups.

Comprehensive bilingual tours through all the beautiful Riviera Maya.

There are many archaeology tours in Riviera Maya from different agencies at the area. But none of them offer you a personalized attention, as for example, if you want to stay longer in a particular site. Our flexible progams enable us to change any tour plan in order to fulfill your desires and expectations.

Our archaeology tours in Riviera Maya comprehend the most famous sites in the area, like Tulum, and several hidden treasures that are located deep in the jungle. Remains of ancient Mayan towns which conform this ancient empire. These sites, although not fully restored, give you an idea of its greatness and importance.


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    $ 129 USD $ 119 USD

    Coba Maya Village
    Archaeological sites

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    $ 199 USD $ 139 USD

    Xplor Tour + Transport
    Wonderful beaches

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    $ 160 USD $ 155 USD

    Coba y Tulum Mayan Combination
    Archaeological sites

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