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October TOP Deals

  • CALACA 6.jpg

    Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

    $ 49 USD Departures from: Oaxaca Book now
  • TOURS-03-cenotes.jpg

    Cenotes Tour

    $ 55 USD Departures from: Merida Book now
  • TOURS-01-globo.jpg

    Hot Air Balloon Ride without Transportation

    $ 175 USD Departures from: Mexico City Book now
  • Chichen.jpg

    From Playa del Carmen-Tour to Chichen Itza and Cenote Ik kil

    $ 45 USD Departures from: Book now
  • BUSES-02-cun-merida.jpg

    Cancun - Merida

    From $ 17.00 USD BusLines: ADO, ADO CONECTA, ADO GL, OCC.
  • BUSES-01 mex -oaxaca.jpg

    Mexico City (Tapo Station) - Oaxaca

    From $ 31.00 USD BusLines: ADO, ADO GL.
  • scc5.jpg

    Oaxaca - San Cristobal de las Casas

    From $ 32.00 USD BusLines: ADO GL, OCC.

    Palenque - Campeche

    From $ 21.00 USD BusLines: ADO.
  • SHUTTLES-02-merida-progreso.jpg

    Mérida - Progreso

    $ 130 USD Door to door private transportation
  • SHUTTLES-03-merida-a-uxmal.jpg

    Mérida - Uxmal

    $ 199 USD Door to door private transportation
  • SHUTTLES-04-cun-tulum.jpg

    Cancún - Tulum

    $ 151 USD Door to door private transportation
  • SHUTTLES-01-mex-puebla.jpg

    Ciudad de México - Puebla

    $ 225 USD Door to door private transportation

    Cancun Airport - Hotel Zone

    $ 55.00 USD

    Mexico City International Airport

    $ 38.00 USD

    Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen Hotels

    $ 105.00 USD

    Merida International Airport - Hotel

    $ 38.00 USD

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No limits and lots of fun ! ... Adventure

Are you an adrenaline lover?

This will interest you, Mexico offers great places to live unique experiences to keeps us alive, alert and young, The best options of adventure only with Wayak.

Colonial cities

Places where time stops ... Colonial cities

A trip back in the time to enjoy the beautiful architecture, the colors, and traditions that have lasted for years. Places where time stops for a moment and you become part of those colonial eras that give the characteristic touch a each place.

Mexican food

Just delicious! ... Mexican food

To really know a place is important to try its gastronomy. No experience is complete without the flavors, smells and textures of the dishes from each region. Mexican food has a variety of options and is therefore occupying a large international significance. Pamper your palate with Wayak.

Wonderful beaches

Some sand, sea and sun. ... Wonderful beaches

Mexican beaches are definitely magical places to enjoy great experiences, rest and relax to the fullest. Each beach has its magic and charm that is characterized by a large number of fun activities to do. Marvel your self with the beatiful Mexican beaches.

Archaeological sites

Discover ... Archaeological sites

Archaeological sites in Mexico are evidence of the rise of our old great cultures. Architectural innovation of that time achieved distinction iconographic reliefs, stealae, temples and ceremonial center can be admired. The sky and the cosmos, a second field of study since ancient tiemes, leaves a legacy of traditions and history alive. Discover these places mysterioys only with Wayak.


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