Archaeological bus tours in Merida, Chichen Itza and the Riviera Maya.

Discover the wonderful architecture of the ancient Mayan civilization in Chichen Itza, a fine example of the expertise in masonry of this amazing culture. This city is an excellent example of the different architectural styles that the Mayans exercised some 3,000 years ago. You can`t miss this site full of mystery and magic travelling safely.

Chichen Itza was one of the most important cities of the Mayan empire. Our bus services from Merida to Chichen Itza will also take you to some of the other sites such as Uxmal, Celestun and the Cenotes that surround them, which are sinkholes that lead to subterraneous bodies of water where the Mayans collected water and practiced ritual sacrifices.

Safe and comfortable buses for visiting Merida and Chicen Itza.

Visit the surroundings with our premium bus sevices. Sacbeob is a raised paved pathway that connects different Mayan buildings in the Peninsula. The longest covers up to 200 miles, from Merida to the Caribbean Sea. Walk through the remaining Sacbeob by travelling on our bus from Merida to Chichen Itza. These and other attractions await for you!

Chichen Itza gives you the perfect opportunity to have a true Mayan experience. It housed one of the most advanced cultures in ancient America, as they developed one of the earliest written language, goundbreaking concepts and some of the most astounding astronomical knowledge at the time. You cannot miss the remnants of this exotic civilization.

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Easy-to-book bus services from Merida to Chicen Itza and beyond.

Visit different facets of the Mayan architecture and culture. This city once reunited the architectonic nuances of both the Puuc and Chenes regions of the empire, with buildings with elaborate animal masks, complex geometrical patterns and beautiful archways. Our bus from Merida to Chichen Itza will also take you to other popular tourist sites.

Air conditioning and fully equiped units to assure luxury and relaxation while travelling through one of the most beautiful regions in the country, with beautiful landscapes and wild life sightings. Our experienced team will make sure you travel safely while you learn all about the ancient Mayan civilizations that once lived at this region.


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