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Chichen Itza is located east of the state of Yucatan on the road to Cancun at 120 km from the city of Merida. Chichen Itza (mouth of the well of the Itza) is one of the most controversial of the Mayan marvels, its history and its chronology are under discussion and the origin of its inhabitants is still a puzzle. Unearth these mysteries with us.

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The Chichen Itza population settled in the ninth century AD. It is believed they were Putun or Chontal Mayans. They forged a broad domain with a unified culture whose center was Chichen Itza, without change until the year 1250 DC, when the city was abandoned for reasons not completely understood. Book your Chichen Itza tour for small groups.

So great was the power of this city that centuries after its decline, it was still a place of pilgrimage and worship and even around the year 1540 AD Francisco de Montejo, Merida's founder, thought about making it the capital. Our bilingual guides will tell you so much more about this site in our Chichen Itza tour for small groups, you will love it.

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In its heyday, Chichen Itza came to encompass 25 square kilometers. The cultural and administrative center of the whole Mayan empire. Because of its location and popularity, a mixture of cultures started forming here, which makes it an even more interesting archeological site; visit it with us and our Chichen Itza tour for small groups.

The Castle of Kukulcan, with its 30 meters of height, is the most imposing building. Its antiquity is difficult to calculate, estimated dates range between 650-800 AD. The numbers of its step are related to figures from the Mayan solar calendar. Our guides will tell you this and so much more when you take our Chichen Itza tour for small groups.

From Cancún Chichen Itza Tour (Deluxe Xichen)
$ 109.00 USD
Tour Cenotes + Chichen Itza + Ek Balam + Ik Kil
$ 116.00 USD
From Playa del Carmen-Tour to Chichen Itza and Cenote Hubiku
$ 79.00 USD


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    $ 120 USD $ 116 USD

    Tour Cenotes + Chichen Itza + Ek Balam + Ik Kil
    Archaeological sites

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    $ 119 USD

    Celestun Tour

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    $ 89 USD

    Mayapan & Cenote Pixyah
    Archaeological sites

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