The Most Exciting Excursions in Teotihuacan 

If you want to book excursions in Teotihuacan on your next vacation, we offer you the best options to make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible. The Teotihuacan ruins are very mysterious and one of the most famous in the world, you will love your trip to this breathtaking place. Wayak also offers transportation services to the whole country.

A century before our era, Teotihuacan was an area inhabited by isolated groups in a space between 4 and 6 miles. Teotihuacan gradually transformed from a village of farmers and artisans into a planned city, becoming the most important metropolis in Mesoamerica; its domain reached Guatemala and Honduras, and was key to later civilizations. Book now your excursions in Teotihuacan.


Get to know the best sites in Mexico with our excursions in Teotihuacan. We specialize in making your vacation memorable. We customize your entire trip and we focus on giving you the security you need to travel on your next vacation. We are a travel agency dedicated to offer transportation services to make your stay safe, forget about using other means of transportation, Wayak is dedicated to take you and pick you up, even from the airport.

There are many theories about the end of the Teotihuacan civilization; it is said that there was an armed uprising against the ruling classes, or that there may have occurred an ecological catastrophe, perhaps northern groups destroyed the city, the breaking of the covenant between them. Book your Teotihuacan tours and draw your own conclusions.

Book your excursions in Teotihuacan and climb the Sun and the Moon pyramids. Visit the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Avenue of the Dead, and the Palace of Quetzalpapalotl, and places not so well known. Afterwards, we can stop at an obsidian workshop operated by a Teotihuacan family, who will offer you tastes of drinks made from cactus.

Wayak offers excursions in Teotihuacan tailored for your needs and desires: we have tours with transportation included, tours for groups, for couples, for friends, tours that include hot air balloon rides to enjoy the magnificient view of Teotihuacan, and even tours with breakfast included and private archaeologist. Take a look at all our tour options here


The civilization that constructed Teotihuacan occupied the area long before the Aztecs, and they took from them part of their knowledge to build Tenochitlian, in the core of Mexico City. Book your Teotihuacan tours right now so you can learn so much more about this interesting civilization.

Although there is much mystery about the destiny of the inhabitants of Teotihuacan, there is a popular belief about this site. It is believed that it was right there where the gods gathered to give birth to what is known as the Fifth Sun. The Fifth Sun is what the Nahua people know as the origin, that is, it is believed that the day and the light originated there, all in common agreement of the gods. 

In the same way, there is a belief that relates that the construction of this mythical city was by a people of giants called quinametzin. However, this may be a myth, like many others that exist, because the ethnic group with the greatest presence in this city were the Otomi, from the Valley of Mexico.

Located in the city's center, now the southern part of the archaeological site, the citadel was named by the Spanish. Although it's walls are up to 200 meters long, this citadel was not a protective structure, but more likely a place for sacrifices and other rituals. Wayak invites you to book your excursions in Teotihuacan and discover this amazing and magic place.

Do not hesitate, choose today our tours in Teotihuacan and travel safely with us. Choose the tours you want. We make it possible whether you travel alone or with your family, our guides are experts and will show you not only the beautiful places, but also the history behind each one of them. Spend your next vacation enjoying and getting to know the culture, Wayak is ready to assist you and take you on this trip.

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