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It is said that you can understand a culture much better when you know its past. Wayak bus achieves this goal by giving you the best Mexico City walking tours to the best museums and archaeological sites. Discover the magnificent prehispanic cultures by walking through halls full of history. The National Museum of Anthropology offers a unique experience.

For example, you can see a replica of Lord Pacal's Mayan tomb from Palenque, the Aztec calendar stone, the giant Olmec stone heads from the regions of Tabasco and Veracruz, treasures recovered from the sacred Mayan well in Chichen Itza, and a very good model of the layout and location of Tenochtitlan. The museum also has temporary exhibits. Take our Mexico City vacation tour and get to learn more about this culture.


Travel to the ancient times of Aztecs and Mayan people. Visit the best museums and ancient places in Mexico with Wayak Mexico City vacation tours. Another recommendation is to visit the Frida Kahlo Museum. This place was actually the home of artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. In several rooms, you'll see their personal objects, altarpieces and popular art.

The National Museum of Anthropology is a must for any Mexican and any tourist, if you want to learn about pre-Hispanic cultures, you must visit it. It is the largest museum in Latin America, and its exhibits are becoming more and more amazing. Get to know this precinct with Wayak and the Mexico City walking tours.

You will also see works of such artists as Jose Clemente Orozco, Jose Maria Velasco and Paul Klee, among others. On the other hand, the Teotihuacan Tour is an excellent choice to combine nature and ancient ruins, all in the same place. Teotihuacan is the twin City of antique México Tenochtitlan, also called Plaza de las tres culturas.

In the historic center of Mexico City you'll find real jewels of Mexican architecture such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, built over three centuries showcasing the various architectural styles of the colonial era. 

Get to know this place by taking our Mexico City walking tours. The Metropolitan Cathedral was built in 1570, an architect named Claudio Arciniega initiated the project, but after that, a lot of architects over the years were involved in the project. All of the above, until finally Manuel Tolsá finished the Cathedral in 1813. In it are kept a lot of stories, many of them true and others that arose more as a legend, anyway it has become a symbol for every inhabitant of this city and is part of the historical heritage of Mexico City.

Our Mexico City walking tours are a great chance to discover the past secrets of Historic Center that lies beneath the present of this contrasting city. Our bilingual guides know the right whereabouts. 


Located in a valley rich in natural resources, Teotihuacan was the seat of power of one of the most influential Mesoamerican societies in the political, economic, commercial, cultural and religious senses, transcending time and coming to us with the same force and grandeur with which its builders planned it. 

Book today our Mexico City walking tours. Today Teotihuacan is recognized as one of the most outstanding testimonies of ancient urbanism and state development. The archaeological remains of the ancient city are visited each year by thousands of people, making the site one of the major tourist attractions in the country. Wayak Mexico City vacation tours are your best choice to visit Teotihuacán, Ciudad de México and its surroundings.

Just, checkout or special discounts and visit the best museums and ancient places in Mexico with Wayak Mexico City vacation tour. A good tour takes at least four to five hours, but there is a very nice restaurant with excellent food and service at the museum. This and many other travelling tips are available for you to decide where and when you like to visit. Choose Wayak and its Mexico City Walking tours for your next visit. We will make your stay an unforgettable time, book today, your best vacations are just a click away.

Historic Center Walking Tour + Anthropology Museum
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