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Today we want to talk to you about the town of Taxco and its many attractions; you will love this city and the wonderful silver jewelry that are now its tourist highlight. Book your Taxco tour in English for groups.

Streets of Taxco are very famous by their picturesque architecture and inclination, almost all of them end in beautiful plazas where you can walk, visit the kiosk, sit in one of the benches while you enjoy some sorbet or ice cream. The colonial appearance of the town crowned with its old buildings, such as houses and palaces, make it a lovely place to visit, with our private tour to Taxco.

Taxco is currently the most touristic city in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Along with Acapulco and Ixtapa Zihuatanejo they form the so-called Triangle of the Sun. One of the most notorious and beautiful characteristics of this place, and you can see it in our Taxco English tours; is the architecture. Like the Temple of Santa Prisca, the Monumental Christ, the Plaza Borda, the Old Hacienda El Chorrillo, among many other sites. Embark on a private tour to Taxco with Wayak.


Before heading to Taxco, our trip departs from Mexico City and from there our first stop will be Cuernavaca, Morelos. This city, often dubbed as the "City of Eternal Spring," offers a wealth of cultural and historical treasures waiting to be explored. At the heart of the city lies the magnificent Cathedral of Cuernavaca, a striking example of colonial architecture dating back to the 16th century. With its towering spires and intricate façade, the cathedral stands as a testament to the city's rich heritage and religious significance. Inside, visitors are treated to a feast for the eyes with the cathedral's stunning interior adorned with ornate altarpieces, intricate wood carvings, and vividly painted frescoes that narrate tales of the city's past.

One of Cuernavaca's most captivating attractions is the collection of 16th-century murals housed within the Cathedral of Cuernavaca. These remarkable artworks, created by indigenous artists under the guidance of Spanish friars, offer a glimpse into the fusion of European and indigenous artistic traditions that flourished during the colonial period. 


Words like "moving" or "awesome" are those heard when asking for a description of the celebration of Holy Week in Taxco, Guerrero, where fervor recalls the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, according to Catholic tradition. You can't miss this traditional celebration with our Taxco tour in english for groups, contact us.

For a week, the streets of this magical town prove their faith through symbolic sacrifices, and even physical ones, to expiate some fault or simply to offer their suffering. On the cobbled streets parade processions accompanied by dramatic religious images testify to the sacrifice of hooded penitents, all this with our Taxco English tours with professional guides. Get to know this Holy Week tradition and many other activities in Taxco.

On your visit to Taxco, you can't miss one of the most iconic places: the Temple of Santa Prisca. Our Taxco tour in English for groups offers you activities like this one. It is said that the Templo de Santa Prisca was built in 1750. It has been considered a colonial monument in the city of Taxco. It is a place you cannot miss when taking one of the Taxco English tours. No doubt you will be amazed by the beauty of this monument. Prepare your bags and get to know Taxco, Guerrero with us.

Buying silver in Taxco is an activity you can't miss. In our Taxco tour in English tour for groups, you will realize that this place is one of the main producers of silver jewelry, due to the great mining exploitation that takes place. There are a lot of artisans who work this mineral and make beautiful silver pieces. You can't take our private tour to Taxco without taking a silver item as a souvenir of your trip.

Our tour concludes with a visit to a handcfrat workshop, where you will learn the traditional art of silversmithing. The total duration of the tour is 10 hours. Drinks and tips are not included.


Get to know the place with the best Taxco tour in English for groups. Our guides are professional and will take you to the best places, plus they can recommend the best places to eat or buy gifts. Our professional guides know every story behind Taxco's most iconic sites and can give you the details in English so you won't miss a thing.

On the edge of the town El Viejo, about 20 minutes from Taxco, lies between hills a glorious medieval castle: the Hacienda de San Juan Bautista, a farm producing silver that is currently a shining symbol of century mining XVI. Come see this and so much more with Wayak's Taxco English tours.

In this northern region of Guerrero there are seven other mining haciendas which took a large influx of water to function: Cuadra San Francisco, El Fraile, Campuzano Bridge, Tannery, Sochula, San Sebastian and Chorrillo. However, San Juan Bautista (which recently opened its doors to tourism) is the best preserved of all.

In addition to private tour to Taxco service, Wayak offers transportation services. We pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel. With us you can travel completely safe. Plan your vacation in advance and choose our Taxco tour in English for groups, you will be able to enjoy your next vacation to the fullest.

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