Shuttle routes and transportation to Merida, Riviera Maya and Cancun.

With Wayak Bus you can take the shuttle van from Cancun to Merida and know the real Mexico by your own. Wayak is the best option in shuttle vans service through the major destinations in Southern Mexico. We offer low cost transportation for all kinds of travelers, from independent travelers, to families and backpackers from all around the world.

Merida's environs provide spectacular landscapes, where you can find various sinkholes, underground river systems with crystalline waters and lagoons hidden within mangroves. The lush vegetation makes it ideal for observing flora and fauna or going on a photo safari. Take our shuttle van from Cancun to Merida and give yourself this treat.

Merida and Cancun are only two of the loveliest cities in Mexico.

Thanks to a rich pre-Hispanic culinary heritage and the fusion of Spanish, French and Cuban cuisine, the delicious dishes that you can try in Merida are a true delight, even for the most demanding palate. Among the most popular dishes are: cochinita pibil; panuchos, corn dough stuffed with beans. Enjoy this and much more with our shuttle van tour.

Our shuttle van from Cancun to Merida is the best of its class, it is fully equipped with A/C and our vans can take up to 13 passengers, your seats can be preselected when you book online or by telephone. You can watch movies onboard with individual volume control headsets so you can set your personal volume preference and enjoy the ride.

Shuttle van and bus services to travel between cities in Mexico.

Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, or want to reveal Mexico's hidden treasures, you must explore Mexico your own way. Whether it's enjoying a gentle country promenade or a breezy coastal walk, touring long distance routes or hiking amidst the majestic mountains, Mexico's breathtaking landscapes and overwhelming natural beauty.

With our shuttle van from Cancun to Merida you will have the opportunity to meet many great travelers and see things that you won't see otherwise. We have the best vacation packages with hotels and the best tours of the region in order to offer foreign visitors the best experience when travelling in our country. Don't miss it and contact us now.


  • Villahermosa - Palenque

    $ 269 USD
  • Progreso - Cancun

    $ 395 USD
  • Palenque - Campeche

    $ 459 USD
  • Playa del Carmen - Valladolid

    $ 260 USD
  • Mexico City - Puebla

    $ 219 USD
  • Playa del Carmen - Valladolid

    $ 260 USD
  • León - Querétaro

    $ 289 USD
  • San Cristobal de las Casas - Palenque

    $ 254 USD
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