Shuttle route and tours in Riviera Maya.

Spend the time that you want traveling through Mexican beautiful destinations with our shuttle van from Tulum to Merida. You'll be marveled at the differences in culture, landscapes, ruins, wildlife and beaches in this epic journey. Countless highlights await you, including amazing Mayan ruins, cloud and rainforest adventures, and a variety of wate

With the shuttle van from Tulum to Merida, you can travel whenever you want to, wherever you want to. Merida is known today as the White City. It has beautiful and solidly built colonial buildings that house the city's history, art, traditions and culture. Downtown, in the Historic Center, you can visit the city cathedral.

Merida, known as `the white city' is one of the most charming towns.

From gorgeous colonial towns and remote jungles to fascinating ruins and powdery beaches, this trip has everything under the sun. Whether you are a new visitor or even if you have been here before, our Mexican destinations offer different experiences that will entice any traveler. We invite you to explore Mexico in our shuttle van from Tulum to Merida.

Wayak cares about customer's comfort, it does not matter if it is a long or short journey, our vans are the perfect vehicle for anyone planning a group trip to Mexico as they provide passengers with a smooth and satisfying ride, along with plenty of space and unmatched versatility. On board, there are also practical travel details and itineraries.

Shuttle van services to ease your transportation schedule.

With Wayak Tours you will be able to create your own itinerary, even if you want to stay for a day or two, the only thing you have to do is take the next van in the route. Our shuttle van from Tulum to Merida does more than introducing you to Mexican culture; it offers you a memorable, one-of-a-kind vacation experience full of beautiful landscapes.

We wok to offer the best vacation packages and tours of the region. Our aim is to ensure a great experience while you visit some of the most beautiful sites od the country. Travel safely and at your own pase to be able to stop wherever you want and enjoy your stay in the best possible way.

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Merida - Campeche
Campeche - Merida
Merida - Chicxulub
Merida - Telchac
Merida - Izamal
Chichén Itzá - Merida
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