An unforgettable Taxco tour for foreign visitors

If you are looking for a Taxco tour in Mexico with a bilingual guide, Wayak brings to you simply the best tourist services in the country. There is no better way to travel than with our shuttle routes, chauffeured vans and other transportation services. If you want to travel and have the bestTaxco Mexico tours, we invite you to book today and enjoy this city.

Like any high-ground city, Taxco has stunning viewpoints. However, the best way to discover the beauty of its streets, squares and its surroundings is the cable car, which offers a journey over 173 meters high. Discover the gastronomy on our Taxco excursions, which are also a unique experience. Book your Taxco tour in Mexico with a bilingual guide today.

Taxco is the most touristic city in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Together with Acapulco and Ixtapa Zihuatanejo they form the so-called Triangle of the Sun. One of the most notorious and beautiful characteristics of this place, and you can see it in our Taxco bilingual tours, is the architecture. Like the Temple of Santa Prisca, the Monumental Christ, the Plaza Borda, the Old Hacienda El Chorrillo, among many other sites.


If you have decided to take a Taxco tour, there are a few things to consider. Planning your vacation in advance is a very good way to avoid mishaps. For this reason, Wayak, besides offering Taxco excursions, offers you transportation services for your convenience. We will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel, or even pick you up at your hotel to take our Taxco Mexico tours. We are a travel agency committed to the safety of our customers, so we take you in a timely manner to your destination at an excellent price and with the best amenities.

Mexico and especially Taxco, Guerrero, have an impressive array of dishes ranging from delicious soups, to exotic insects like jumiles. There is a variety of dessert to choose from, but definitely try some of the insects, a once in a lifetime experience that you can experience with our Taxco tour in Mexico with a bilingual and professional guide. The mines are the main attraction in Taxco. 

One of the things you will learn on our Taxco bilingual tours is that this place is one of the main producers of silver jewelry and one of the main mining sites. This provides a great opportunity for silver jewelry producers. Taxco is recognized worldwide for being a great producer of this mineral and by taking one of the Taxco excursions you will be able to see first hand silver articles from earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and everything you can imagine. You will be able to buy a gift for someone or a souvenir for yourself on our Taxco tour.

The magic of Taxco extends to surrounding places, full of history and with many sites to discover. Just reach Ixcateopan Cuauhtemoc, with its church of Santa Maria de la Asuncion of the 16th century, considered a historical monument. Our Taxco tour in Mexico with a bilingual and professional guide will take you there and to the many other nearby sites you will love.


Before you make your visit and take a bilingual tour in Taxco, you should know that all our guides are professionals in their work, they know the history of each place you visit, as well as give you the best recommendations to enjoy any of the tours in Taxco Mexico. Our guides will be able to assist you and tell you the stories and important information in English so you don't miss anything. Wayak also has professional drivers, who will take you to your destination on time and safely. 

On your Taxco tour you can find a wealth of attractions and activities. One of the most impressive is visiting Cacahuamilpa Caves, located just 30 kilometers from downtown Taxco. Our Taxco tour will take you to this famous tourist attraction.

On the way to the caves, or practicing an extreme sport in the nearby mountains, you can see a ringtail, badger or armadillo, or an iguana, buzzard. Taxco is inhabited by multiple species of birds, reptiles and mammals because of the favorable climate, rivers and vibrant vegetation of northern Guerrero state. Book your Taxco tour today and go for your next adventure with Wayak.

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