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Great Tour to Teotihuacan and Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

A journey to the core of this important ancient civilization.

In Wayak we bring to you the best options in transportation and tours in Mexico. If you want to uncover all the mysteries of the city's remnants, there is no better option than our Teotihuacan tours with bilingual guides. We invite you to get to know some of the basic aspects of this archaeological site and our advantages.

The Teotihuacan civilization is considered the most representative of the Mesoamerican Classic Period. Its life lasted little more than 10 centuries and reached its peak between the years 300 and 600. Our Teotihuacan tours with bilingual guides will give you much more information about this incredible place and its many edifices, book yours today!

Bilingual guides to make you understand better this ancient culture.

Experience the impressive archaeological site at Teotihuacan in the early morning as the gates open for the day. See the sun rising over this historical city that was an inspiration to the Aztecs to build their own citi Tenochtitlan. On this full-day our your guides will enrich your experience with stories from ancient times and the latest discoveries.

With our Teotihuacan tours with bilingual guides, visit the archeological site, known as the City of the Gods, as the sun begins to rise over the pyramids. Climb the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, and listen as your English spoken guide tells you about this important pre-Hispanic city.

Bilingual tours to understand more about this ancient cultures.

There are some amazing sites around Teotihuacan, like San Agustin Acolman, which was a convent boult in the XVI century. Our flexible Teotihuacan tours with bilingual guides can be extended to visit the site's surroundings or just drive you back to your hotel when the tour is over. You have the final desicion.

The majesty of the remains of the Teotihuacan culture is the perfect setting for a series of festivities that reflect the tradition of prehistoric peoples. An example of this is the International Obsidian Festival, between the 16th and 21st of March every year. Book your Teotihuacan tours with bilingual guides with us and visit this festival.


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    $ 160 USD

    Hot Air Balloon Ride without Transportation
    Archaeological sites

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    $ 250 USD

    Hot Air Balloon Ride and Teotihuacan Tour with Transportation and breakfast

  • $ 80 USD

    Private Teotihuacan Tour for Families
    Archaeological sites

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