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We invite you to discover Mexico with our proposal of things to do in Puebla for new adventures! Among the benefits of this trip, we can mention comfortable buses, extra activities, bilingual and private guides and airport transfers. Wayak takes you to the ancient world of the American natives by visiting the archaeological site of Cacaxtla.

Cholula is just six miles (10 km) outside of Puebla, you can see The Great Pyramid of Cholula, the world's largest pyramid topped by the Virgin of Remedios church. Cholula is a city within the metropolitan area of Puebla and was one of the most important cities under the Aztec empire. And what to say about a great nightlife; Puebla tourist attractions offers so much.

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Puebla is one of the oldest cities in Mexico. Its planning, attributed to the angels, dates from 1532. It's good climate and strategic location soon made it the second most important city of Colonial Mexico. En route to Mexico City, crafts and spices from the Philippines used to travel to Puebla first, which gradually assimilated some Eastern expressions. Visit this beautiful city with our Puebla excursions.

Mexico is a mix of colonial towns, jungle settings, archaeological sites and stunning white sand beaches. Among the wonders of Mexico, Puebla is a city with all this and much more! If you plan to travel to Puebla,  take advantage of the options that Wayak has for you with our Puebla Adventure Tour! 

Looking for the best Puebla tourist attractions? Wayak Bus has the best Puebla adventure tour. Discover the best of colonial culture with our Puebla trips! Draw up your own plan, you will be able to stay in each destination as long as you want, let us be in charge of your journey. You can take our shuttle vans and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

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With our Puebla excursions you have the opportunity to visit some intermediate stops, in this case Cacaxtla.

It is known for its stunning scenery, traditional Mexican culture, and delicious food. Visitors who travel to Puebla can enjoy all of these things and more.

One of the many things to do in Puebla is just staring at its landscapes. There are mountains, valleys, deserts, and beaches all within close proximity to each other. This makes it a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience a little bit of everything.

The traditional Mexican culture is very prevalent in Puebla. From the music and dance to the food and art, visitors will be able to experience authentic Mexican culture throughout their stay.

Puebla is also known for its delicious food. The state is home to many different types of cuisine, including traditional Mexican, seafood, and international. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Puebla.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or an adventure-filled getaway, Puebla, Mexico is the perfect destination for you. Come and experience all that this beautiful state has to offer with our daytrips in Puebla.

One of the intermediate stops on our Puebla tours is Cacaxtla, one of the largest and best-preserved archaeological sites from the Classic period in Mesoamerica. The site is located in present-day Mexico, in the state of Tlaxcala. Cacaxtla was occupied by a people known as the Olmec-Xicallanca, who were a mix of Olmec and Maya cultures. The site was first settled around 600 BCE and reached its height between 650 and 950 CE. Cacaxtla consists of two main pyramids, each with its own unique design. The "Red Pyramid" is decorated with murals depicting scenes of warfare, while the "White Pyramid" is decorated with murals showing scenes of daily life. Other notable features of the site include a ballcourt, a series of sinkholes, and a number of tombs. Cacaxtla was abandoned around 950 CE for unknown reasons. The site was rediscovered in the early 20th century and has since been excavated by archaeologists. Get to know Cacaxtla with our daytrips in Puebla with Wayak.

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In fact this city is part of the three destinations, along with Mexico City and Oaxaca that it is included in our vacation package named Colonial and Mystical. The people will make you feel right at home, even if you don't speak Spanish very well, you will communicate very well. Get to  know the city with our Puebla trips.

Wayak offers tours and flexible transportation for low budget travelers and backpackers, so check out all our touring programs and choose as many as you want during your stay in Puebla. Our professional team will help you to choose the ones that best fit your interests and expectations. Whether you're travelling alone or in a group, we are the best for your next daytrips in Puebla.

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