Campeche, Puebla and Palenque tours and bus transportation serivces.

Whenever you want to travel by bus from Palenque to Campeche consider Wayak`s shuttle vans among your possibilities. We have solutions for independent travelers like you: take our shuttle van from Palenque, departing at 7:30 am, and arrive to Campeche at 12:30pm; stay there for as long as you want and take the shuttle van back to Palenque.

When you travel by bus from Palenque to Campeche, you will find out why this last city is known as the hidden treasure of Mexico. It is a gorgeous city, full of peace, color and history. This city was built over an ancient Mayan City about 500 years ago. You've got to visit the Zocalo when you come to Campeche and take a walk along the Malecon.

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Once you have hired our services to travel by bus from Palenque to Campeche, you will find all those special details that make Campeche so great. There is a trolley system that departs from the Central Park thatl takes you through the major sights of the city. There's also an amazing show called Puerta de Tierra that tells the story of Campeche.

Travel by bus from Palenque to Campeche and visit old fortresses that have lived through the years. San Miguel has become the Archeological Museum of Campeche; it displays a collection of unique jade masks. Another one is San José el Alto Fortress, built to prevent the attack of pirates, it is currently a museum displaying scale ships and weapons.

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There are many places worth visiting in Campeche, consider that in order to decide to travel by bus from Palenque to Campeche with us. San Roman's Church was built more than 450 years ago supposedly to bring luck and blessings to the city after it was struck by a plague. Inside this church you will find a black Christ that was brought from Europe.

We have daily departures and we cover the best touristic destinations all over southern Mexico. Ride comfortably while bilingual guides tell you all about Mexico's colonial history. Travelling by bus is an economic, fun way to get form one touristic site to another. We have special tranportation for large groups, family vacations or solo travelers.


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