Puebla, Mexico City, and Guanajuato buses and vans for traveling.

If you are traveling to Mexico and you are looking for the best way to cover a good touristic route, we offer you the alternative to travel by bus from Puebla to Mexico City. We cover a complete route with certain cities in between where you can hop on or hop off our vans and buses. The most comfortable and flexible way to travel through Mexico.

If you decide to travel by bus from Puebla to Mexico City with our services, you will be able to enjoy an amazing view of the Popocatepetl. You will have the opportunity to hop off the van for a short visit to this volcano's landscape. You can take amazing pictures from here, as well as enjoy the sights and take a nice breath of fresh air.

Plan your own journey and travel with us by bus from Puebla.

Mexico City is an important shopping destination for all kinds of buyers. Take our transportation services to travel by bus from Puebla to Mexico City and visit all the traditional markets as well as modern shopping centers. The downtown area has specialized retailers at lower costs. There's a street for handicrafts, one for food, and so on.

You can visit the neighborhoods of Condesa, Coyoacán and San Ángel for a more bohemian outdoor shopping. There are also high-end boutiques and malls, like Antara housing fancy boutiques such as Burberry, Longchamp, Emporio Armani and Coach, among many others. You can walk along Avenida Presidente Masaryk in Polanco, to find stand-alone shops.

Puebla Mexico City (Tapo Station)
$ 15.00 USD

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we have all you need.

Ride safe and sound with Wayak's bus services from Puebla to DF.

Mexico City has something for all kinds of travelers, not only for those who enjoy shopping. You can take as many days as you want to visit all the different museums and cultural events here. There are 150 museums only in Mexico City, each of them holds different artistic expressions, from archeological pieces to the latest trending exhibits.

Our shuttle vans cover a wide touristic route, making stops in certain cities so you can hop off and stay as much as you like. You can choose from staying a night at one of these spots or continue your journey. Either way, our team will be ready to fit your desires. Our tranportation routes are felxible and easy to modify. Check out the options.


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