Fun and kitschy Mexico City Wrestling Night Tour

Wayak has for you the best Mexico City wrestling night tour. Mexican wrestling or lucha libre is one of the most famous attractions in the country, A magical experience that combines gymnastics and wrestling into an unparalleled show that you have to see to believe. We invite you to book your tour with us today and see for yourself.

It is known as the Mexican version of professional wrestling. It has been practiced by professionals who combine athletics and showmanship. Wayak offers the best Mexico City wrestling night tour, where you can experience first-hand the complex culture that surrounds this event. Lucha Libre is the second most famous spectator sport in Mexico.

We want you to get deep into the experience, that is why, in our Mexican wrestling tours, we provide the masks and two shots of tequila to get you into the party spirit! Also, we guarantee the best seats to enjoy the best wrestling tour in Mexico City.


From its beginning, mythical characters arose in popular culture such as El Santo, Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras. Wrestling in Mexico City is a mixture of sport and theater sequences that have entranced the public for decades and now is very popular in other countries like Japan or the USA. Book your Mexico City wrestling tour with us today.

Wrestling in Mexico City is characterized by its fast overpowering style, high acrobatics and dangerous jumps out of the ring. Much of these movements have been adopted outside of Lucha Libre and outside of Mexico. In addition to our Mexico City wrestling night tour, we have for you the best transportation services to take you to the many tourist sites.

In our wrestling tour in Mexico City you will see that there is always a war or confrontation between the heel or rudos and the face or técnicos, that's the way they are divided. As in any sport, people are passionate and there are those who all their lives support and follow either one or the other. Discover for yourself why wrestling is the second most practiced sport in Mexico. Book your Mexico City wrestling tour today and live the experience of being in the front row at La Arena.

Only in Mexico is it known as Lucha Libre, since the type of wrestling practiced in this country is unique. It focuses much more on wrestling and aerial wrestling. The beginning of Lucha Libre in Mexico was in 1863 and had a slight influence of Greco-Roman wrestling. In those beginnings, the confrontations were made with combinations of keys and chairs and even glass bottles were used. Come and take our Mexico City wrestling tour, it's a show you can't miss on your next visit.

Wrestling in Mexico City takes place in one of the largest venues in the city. The Arena Mexico, located in Azcapotzalco, also hosts private, cultural, sporting and convention events, among others. The Arena has an approximate capacity of 17,000 spectators. Its construction began in 2009 and it opened in 2012. This venue is considered the cathedral of Lucha Libre, without a doubt it is a must on your visit. Don't miss the opportunity to take a Mexico City wrestling tour. 


Cathedrals, archaeological monuments and fine cuisine are part of this great city, where the pre-Columbian, colonial and modern join together. For convenience we recommend you stay inside the historic center or the Zona Rosa, where most of the attractions are found. Book your Mexican wrestling tours with us today and discover it all.

Thanks to the large number of museums, monuments, traditional neighborhoods, historic buildings and cultural centers, there is no room for boredom in the Mexican capital. You just need to walk along the Historical Center and discover in virtually any corner, a museum with interesting exhibits or a great place to eat. Try the incredible Mexican gastronomy, tacos are a must, and even more so after a night at Lucha Libre, it doesn't get any better than that.We have the best tours.

Enjoy the best wrestling tour in Mexico City and other activities that Wayak offers. Don't miss one of the most emblematic shows in Mexico. Choose Wayak as your guide on your next trip. Enjoy safe transportation from your hotel to the airport, we have small vehicles as well as vans to transport small and large groups. Start planning your vacation today and enjoy Mexico City with the tours we have specially prepared for you.

Spectacular Wrestling Tour
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