Embark on our Exciting Sumidero Canyon Chiapas Tours

Choose our Sumidero Canyon tours and get to know this impressive place. The Sumidero Canyon is a completely natural place that began to form about 136 million years ago. It is home to a great variety of vegetation, as well as fauna. You should not miss the opportunity to take our Sumidero Canyon Mexico tours.

Our tours to Sumidero Canyon pick you up at your hotel in San Cristobal De Las Casas (round trip). Then we will go to the Sumidero Canyon National Park (entrance included), and then a visit to Chiapa de Corzo. Although most of our tours include bilingual guide, this tour does not include bilngual guides.

Our tours in Sumidero Canyon include a boat ride, which lasts approximately 3 hours, There you will have the chance to see the local wildlife that includes alligators and rare birds. Shoot a selfie in a natural mountain formation that has the figure of a Christmas tree bathed with a fine cascade coming from above. It is spectacular!


The canyon is located just 10 kilometers West of the capital of Chiapas, on a small plateau on one of the peaks overlooking the valley, 400 meters high. Certainly in its heyday, it was a good place for military surveillance. Come unearth the mysteries of this place with our tours in Sumidero Canyon, contact us to know more. 

Our 3 hour round boat Sumidero Canyon Chiapas tours will take you on a spectacular journey through the place with some of the walls towering 2,500 feet above you. The wildlife on display is spectacular, and your boat may take you on a tour past one or two caves in the area.

You can also do ecotourism with tours to Sumidero Canyon, you can make a promenade on foot or by bicycle to see now from the top of the canyon. Meet different types of birds and enjoy the beautiful scenery, as well as the small waterfalls that fall between the rock formations that are so emblematic of the Sumidero Canyon.

If you want to take your experience further and enjoy more things to do in Sumidero Canyon in a more extreme way, you should know that you will find an 820-meter long zip line so you can experience the adrenaline, while enjoying the views that this place offers.


Among Sumidero Canyon tourist attractions, follow well-marked trails that lead to elevated lookout points, offering breathtaking vistas of the canyon and the winding Grijalva River below. Capture stunning photographs of the canyon's dramatic scenery and immerse yourself in the tranquility of this natural sanctuary. Also, take time to learn about the cultural and historical significance of the region. Discover the ancient roots of the indigenous communities that once inhabited the area and hear stories passed down through generations. Gain insights into the local conservation efforts aimed at preserving the canyon's natural heritage for future generations to enjoy. 

Every tour Sumidero Canyon stands as a breathtaking natural wonder waiting to be explored. This majestic canyon, carved by the Grijalva River over millions of years, offers visitors a thrilling array of activities and sights that showcase the region's stunning natural beauty and rich biodiversity. 

Our tours to Sumidero Canyon include a visit to Chiapa de Corzo

If Sumidero Canyon tourist attractions are not enough for your spirit of adventure, let us remid you that our Sumidero Canyon Mexico tours, include a trip to Chiapa de Corzo, a city located 15 kilometers from the capital of Chiapas. We recommend you to visit the portals of this beautiful city, where you can see beautiful handicrafts, as well as taste typical dishes and incredible gastronomy. You can't stop visiting this city without tasting one of the most typical drinks: the pozol, a cocoa-based drink or the tascalate made of corn, cinnamon, achiote and sugar.

As you can see, in Chiapas you will find an endless number of activities to do, places to visit, landscapes to photograph. If you travel to Sumidero Canyon tours, you should take the opportunity to learn a little more about the beautiful state of Chiapas. This state has an impressive richness, so much to visit and so much to know, you will surely lack time to see everything that Chiapas has to offer.

Choose Wayak for your next Sumidero Canyon Chiapas tours. You won't find a better travel agency, plus we offer safe transportation services. Book today our Sumidero Canyon tours and get to know the incredible Chiapas with Wayak.

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