Great Sumidero Canyon Tour

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There is no better way to really experience first-hand the magic that is Mexico, than with us. Monte Alban is an archaeological site near Oaxaca that will take your breath away; read on and see for yourself all that you will get when traveling with us to this beautiful place with amazing buildings surrounded by nature and handicraft stores.

On our boat tours to Cañon del Sumidero in Mexico, which lasts approximatelly 3 hours, you will have the chance to see the local wildlife that includes alligators and rare birds. Shoot a selfie in a natural mountain formation that has the figure of a Christmas tree bathed with a fine cascade comming from above. It is spectacular.

Witness the majestic atmosphere of the Cañón del Sumidero by boat.

The canyon is located just 10 kilometers West of the capital of Chiapas, on a small plateau on one of the peaks overlooking the valley, 400 meters high. Certainly in its heyday, it was a good place for military surveillance. Come unearth the mysteries of this place with our Boat tours to Cañon del Sumidero in Mexico, contact us to know more.

The 3 hour round boat tours to Cañon del Sumidero in Mexico will take you on a spectacular journey through the place with some of the walls towering 2,500 feet above you. The wildlife on display is spectacular, and your boat may take you on a tour past one or two caves in the area.

The Cañón del Sumidero is probably Mexico's best kept secrets.

You can access it through the majestic river Usumacinta. This tropical area bordered on the west by the Montes Azules, which is a beautiful natural wonder that consists of waterfalls, rivers, lakes and even an archaeological site, Yaxchilan. Montes Azules houses the tallest trees in Mexico (up to 90 meters high) and the largest complex of mahogany.

Lacantún, a protected natural area since 1992, is the habitat of endemic species as the endangered tapir, river otter, jaguar, ocelot, opossum, woolly spider monkey, sarahuato, hummingbirds, scarlet macaw, harpy eagle, crested guan, toucan necklace, royal toucan and of course, the marsh crocodile. Book your Boat tours to Cañon del Sumidero now!


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