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Get to know the beautiful and impressive state of Chiapas and visit the incredible waterfalls with our Chiapas tours. Meet this beautiful state full of culture and history. Our tours in Chiapas are available and ready to let you know the traditions and culture that embark this state of Mexico.

Chiapas is located in the southwest of Mexico between the states of Tabasco and the border with Guatemala. It is a state rich in all senses, with a wide range of gastronomy, natural sites and beauty wherever you turn.


If you travel to Chiapas, you must know and taste some of the dishes that make up the wide gastronomy of this beautiful state. From corn tamales, chipilin tamales, fried plantains sliced and accompanied with cream and cheese. Without a doubt, chocolate and coffee. You will discover on our tour Chiapas has a cuisine called mestiza, as it contains great influence of Spanish cuisine. 

On your next vacation choose one of our Chiapas ruins tours to visit some of the most emblematic sites, as well as museums that show in all its expression the settlement of the Mayan culture, as well as the combination of different cultures.

Book now our tours to Chiapas and be amazed by El Cañón del Sumidero or Sumidero Canyon. This is a completely natural place that began to form about 136 million years ago. It is home to a great variety of vegetation, as well as fauna. You should not miss the opportunity to take our Sumidero Canyon with our tours in Chiapas. The canyon is located just 10 kilometers West of the capital of Chiapas, on a small plateau on one of the peaks overlooking the valley, 400 meters high. Certainly in its heyday, it was a good place for military surveillance. Come unearth the mysteries of this place and all the things to do in Chiapas.

Among Chiapas tourist attractions, there are El Chiflón or Velo de Novia waterfalls. Be impressed by the beautiful and crystalline turquoise water that surrounds the El Suspiro waterfall, although it is not possible to swim in it, it is a spectacle worth admiring. The largest waterfall of this group of natural formations is Velo de Novia, 120 meters high. This waterfall is visible from the road, but the moment you reach it and see it up close, you get soaked by the breeze and the view takes your breath away. Undoubtedly a must on our tours in Chiapas.

Give yourself the opportunity to know with Wayak the beautiful Agua Azul waterfalls. You will not regret making such an extraordinary trip, the natural scenery that you will see here will leave you breathless.  Once you have decided to travel and take our Chiapas tours, we must give you some recommendations to make your experience unforgettable in this beautiful sanctuary. It is open to the public all year round, but we recommend taking the Agua Azul tours between the months of December to July, since during that season, the white-blue color that characterizes these waterfalls is even more prominent than in any other season, so to enjoy the experience to the fullest, that is our recommendation.


In addition to what we have already shown you, in your next Chiapas ruins tours, you must know Palenque. Palenque is a ceremonial city that shows in all its expression the Mayan culture. When visiting Palenque and choosing one of our Chiapas tours to Palenque we recommend you to consider the weather. The average climate is 26 °C and the minimum may be 16 °C.  In our tours to Palenque you can discover the beautiful variety of flora; such as the chicozapote, mahogany, cedar, ceiba and cedar, among others.  And also beautiful fauna such as the flat turtle, the crocodile turtle, the raccoon, the wild boar, among others.

As you can see, we have a great variety of tours to get to know Chiapas, so you can't miss the things to do in Chiapas, get to know this beautiful state and travel with professional drivers and guides that will give you the best recommendations and make your tours in Chiapas the best experience. Choose today the transportation services and tours that Wayak offers and start planning your best vacations today.

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