Colonial tours and bus transportation in Mexico City and Queretaro.

If you are looking for a bus service from Mexico city to Queretaro that will allow you to travel in the safest and most comfortable way, in Wayak we offer you our shuttles and van services. Transportation services directly from one spot to another; we call this a door to door service, which would be the same as hotel pick-up and drop-off.

The historical center of Queretaro was named World Heritage under the category of Historical monuments since 1996. Take our bus service from Mexico city to Queretaro and find out why this city is of such historical importance. Walk through the streets of this colonial city, visiting its temples, convents, museums, buildings and well-planned roads.

The best bus service from Mexico City to Queretaro and beyond.

Make your reservations for our bus service from Mexico city to Queretaro and ride a bike around downtown in Queretaro. This system started with 150 bicycles only in the downtown area but there is a new regulation for bicycle riding and transit, which might help increasing the number of bicycle lanes to become the first city for cyclists in Mexico.

Arrive to Queretaro full of energy to visit all its important places in one day. A very important precinct in Queretaro is the Theater of the Republic. At least 3 important events for Mexican history took place in here: the premiere of our national anthem, the trial against Maximiliano of Habsburgo and the enactment of our current Constitution.

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Private vans or bus services to vsit Queretaro from Mexico City.

Queretaro is a beautiful city. That is why, if you are in Mexico City, we offer you the best bus service from Mexico city to Queretaro so you have the best transportation and travel experience. Queretaro holds an important number of touristic spots, from historically relevant places to the best night clubs, hotels, restaurants, museums and more.

There is no better way to go from one city to another than with our door-to-door ground transportation service. Our bilingual team will make sure you have all the information you need in order to have the best possible experience when travelling. Feel free to ask us about any concerns you have. We'll be happy to help you with everything you need.


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