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In Wayak, we have the best service of van and minibus rental in Mexico. We offer you vans for 13 passengers, minivans for 19 and buses for 40 to 51 passengers. Take your group of friends or family to the best vacations in Mexico with our excellent transportation service. All you have to do is specify how many people are traveling and design a trip.

From Merida, choose a destination like Uxmal and get there in no time with our van and minibus rental in Mexico. Uxmal is an amazing archeological site that belongs to the Mayan culture. You will find incredible structures and buildings that tell magical stories about this place full of mystery and mysticism.

Minibus rentals to experience all that Mexico has to offer.

Uxmal is one of the best-preserved Mayan cities in the region; it was even before the restoration work. Here you will get a very good idea of how a ceremonial center like this used to look like in ancient times. It is places like Uxmal that will make the van and minibus rental in Mexico totally worthy. Do not miss the chance to visit the buildings.

Hire our van and minibus rental in Mexico and we will take you to the places you always wanted to visit with the best prices. Another great destination near Merida is Chichen Itza, a Mayan city from the pre-Columbian period. Chichen Itza covers an area of about 5 square kilometers. The major architectural groups were built upon them.

Van rentals for the best ground transportation to the main sites.

Chichen Itza is divide in architectural groups: at the great north platform, you will find El Castillo, the Great Ball Court, the Cenote Sagrado, the Temple of the Warriors and the Market; then there is the Ossario group formed by various temples and the Platform of Venus; you can also visit the Casa Colorada Group and the central Group.

Some of the structures cannot be entered or climbed anymore, but still you can walk around them and admire their greatness with our service of van and minibus rental in Mexico. Our vans, minibuses and buses have the most comfortable seats and can take up to 51 passengers.


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