Chiflon waterfalls Chiapas tours in Safe, Chauffeured Vans

Get to know the beautiful and impressive state of Chiapas and visit the incredible waterfalls with our Chiflon waterfalls tours. The Chiflon waterfalls, also known as Velo de Novia, are located in the state of Chiapas and are a must on your next trip. They are natural waterfall formations that have become a true delight for everyone's eyes. 

The majesty of this set of cataracts, known as the Chiflon, is something to be seen live. Located in the municipality of Tzimol, in the southern state of Chiapas, Mexico, this chain of waterfalls can reach a height of 350 meters, with the waterfall called the bride's veil being one of the highest from this group. Get to know this place with our Chiflon waterfalls Chiapas tours.

It is in The Bride's Veil waterfall where visitors have the opportunity to calmly observe the formation of water and rock, thanks to a gazebo, which amazes every tourist that visits it. You can be part of this elite group if you decide to make a reservation for our Chiflon waterfalls tours in Chiapas Mexico.

Our tours to Chiflon waterfalls beguin picking you up at your hotel in San Cristobal de las Casas (round trip), then we will go to Amatenango Valley for 30 minutes to see the traditional potters. Then we will go to Chiflon waterfalls and then to Montebello Lakes to stay long enough to take out a rowing boat or walk around the shores.


One of the additional attractions of tours in Chiflon wateralls lies in the opportunity to take a boat ride to explore the beauty and mystery of the lakes of Montebello, if heights are not your cup of tea, but we know you can not resist a quick visit, and what better way to make this possible through our Chiflon waterfalls Chiapas tours.

On your next visit you can choose between our tours in Chiflon waterfalls or Velo de Novia. Be impressed by the beautiful and crystalline turquoise water that surrounds the El Suspiro waterfall, although it is not possible to swim in it, it is a spectacle worth admiring. 

The largest waterfall of this group of natural formations is Velo de Novia, 120 meters high. This waterfall is visible from the road, but the moment you reach it and see it up close, you get soaked by the breeze and the view takes your breath away. Undoubtedly a must on our tours to Chiflon waterfalls.

Something you cannot miss on our tour Chiflon waterfalls, is to take a dip in the natural pools that are formed throughout the tour. You can't forget to bring your bathing suit. If you want to enjoy this experience to the fullest, we definitely recommend you to do this.

If, however, you need to have all kind of information about this place, we can tell you that The Chiflón means the big whistle in Spanish, this may be due to the winds that circulate through this rock formation, which is in the midst of a valley full of diverse ecosystems, so it will not be uncommon to find trees that would not normally find.


Although each season is conducive to visit the Chiflon, we must say that between the months of November to March, when the climate is a little dry, it is the ideal time to be marvel at the turquoise and blue pools at the bottom of The Chiflon; when the rain comes the rest of the year, the water can be a bit murky and with brown tones.

If you are looking for the best experience of an ecological tour, which allows you to appreciate nature at its finest, and breathe the purest fresh air, without a doubt the Chiflon waterfalls tours is the best choice. We are only expecting your call to welcome you with arms wide open.

If you want to travel to Chiflon waterfalls, there is no better option than Wayak, our services go beyond a tour. We offer safe and on time transportation. We have professional guides that will take you to the best places to enjoy these natural beauties. In addition, our drivers are experts and will not waste your time, they will always take you to your destination safely and on time. 

Montebello Lakes and Chiflon Tour
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