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Magic Xochimilco Tour & Coyoacan

All inclusive tours with ground transportation and food journeys.

The best private tours to Xochimilco, Mexico City and many more. Safe, affordable and comprehensive transportation services to anywhere in Mexico. We are a tourist agency that offers shuttle service, chauffeured vans and many other transportation services to the whole country, contact us today and discover for yourself all that we have for you.

Enjoy the all Inclusive Xochimilco tour and float down the canals of Xochimilco dinking a beer and learning more about this place. Our English spoken guides will tell you the highlights of its history while you relax in local boat rides listening to some mariachi music.

You can't miss a Xochimilco tour if you are visiting Mexico City.

Our experienced team makes everything possible for you to enjoy the all inclusive Xochimilco tour. The guides know the perfect spots to take amazing pictures, the friendliest boat drivers and the most iteresting facts about this magical place's history and importance to the country.

We invite you to discover one of the most well-kept archaeological sites in México, Uxmal; with its wonderful architecture from the Mayan classical period. You will take advantage of your travel to our country if you choose to travel with us on the best Enjoy the all inclusive Xochimilco tour, you will not regret it, contact us to know more!

Enjoy all the options that Mexico City has to offer to foreigners.

You can visit the Anthropology Museum and enjoy the wonderful food of Merida and then head towards Uxmal with Wayak; you will not regret your stay at this breathtaking Mayan city. We will also take you to the many nearby attractions of Tulum, Riviera Maya, Chichen Itza and many other archaeological ruins.

There is just so much to do in Mexico, and our tours and transportation services will take you there. Our door-to-door service will pick you up at your hotel, ride you to Xochimilco, give you the tour and then drive you back to your hotel completely safe. Take advantage of all our tour options in this amazing city.


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    $ 160 USD

    Hot Air Balloon Ride without Transportation
    Archaeological sites

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    $ 215 USD

    Hot Air Balloon Ride with Transportation

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    $ 59 USD

    Early Morning Teotihuacan with a Private Archaeologist
    Archaeological sites

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