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The best guided Xochimilco tours, Mexico City and many more. Safe, affordable and comprehensive transportation services to anywhere in Mexico. We are a tourist agency that offers shuttle service, chauffeured vans and many other transportation services to the whole country. Contact us today and discover for yourself all that we have for you.

Get to know one of the most emblematic places in Mexico through our Xochimilco group tours, we take you safely so you can enjoy and have fun on your next visit to Mexico.

Enjoy our guided Xochimilco tours and float down the canals of this neighborhood drinking a beer and learning more about this place. Our English spoken guides will tell you the highlights of its history while you relax on local boat rides listening to some mariachi music.


Our experienced team makes everything possible for you to enjoy the best Xochimilco tourist attractions. The guides know the perfect spots to take amazing pictures, the friendliest boat drivers and the most interesting facts about this magical place's history and importance to the country.

The trajineras in which you can navigate the canals of Xochimilco are an incredible attraction for tourists. They are usually adorned with encrusted flowers and are assigned a feminine name. They can be boarded at any of the nine piers. The trajineras are a perfect excuse to spend time with family or friends while having fun with music and great food. Enjoy the best things to do in Xochimilco with Wayak.

On your next visit, in addition to our Xochimilco group tours, you will have the opportunity to visit Coyoacan, one of the most beautiful neigborhoods in Mexico City and home of Frida Kahlo. In fact, the Casa Azul which is her museum, is located there. Choose with Wayak the best Coyoacan and Xochimilco tourist attractions.

Besides our Xochimilco guided tours, which you can enjoy during your visit to Mexico City, we invite you to choose any of our destinations. Mexico City has so much to know, to enjoy, as well as impressive and delicious dishes to try. You can't miss it all with our tours.


Enjoy the beauty of the museums that Mexico City has to offer. We have specialized tours to visit some of these museums. Our guides will take you to know the culture, art and much more in your next vacation. Get to know the best of Mexico with our Xochimilco group tours and other options we have to discover the city. Some of the tours we have around the city are:

Our tours in downtown, called "Historic Center" are great to get the basics of Mexico City. You can choose between our walking tours or our tour in a panoramic bus. Both of them are the best way to discover the heart of Mexico and its foundations. If you travel to Xochimilco, make sure you visit also the most ancient and important part of this city.

Do you know Six Flags Mexico? If you are looking for fun and adrenaline, with our tours you can get both. We have tours in Six Flags Mexico for you to take your excitement to the highest level. Enjoy the best amusement park in Mexico. Roller coasters like Batman The Ride, Aquaman, Superman the Ultimate Escape and many others that will challenge your adrenaline level. You can't miss the best amusement park in Mexico. 

And, of course, most of tourist who come to Mexico City want to visit Teotihuacan, one of the most important archaelogical sites in the Americas. Located a few minutes from the city, we have different tours that will let you enjoy Teotihuacan at its best: it can be on a hot balloon ride or with a private archaeologist, for couples, for friends... Take a look at all our possibilites!

As you can see, if you travel to Xochimilco with Wayak, you will have a great variety of experiences to make your vacations full of fun. Start planning your vacation today and enjoy all that we can prepare for you. Travel safely and book your Xochimilco group tours today, as well as other experiences you can enjoy with us in Mexico City.

Magic Xochimilco Tour & Coyoacan
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Private Teotihuacan Tour for Friends
Archaeological sites
Frida Kahlo's Museum, Coyoacan & Xochimilco
Private Teotihuacan Tour for Families
Archaeological sites
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