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Wayak has the best services to make your trips to Mexico as comfortable as possible. Safe, affordable and fun tours to the many attractions to be found in the country. today, we want to talk to you about the Xochimilco trajineras tours, one of the most emblematic things to do in Mexico City. read more about Xochimilco.

Learn much more about Mexican traditions through our Xochimilco boat tours. Enjoy the ride, drink a beer and taste the incredible and delicious Mexican food, full of flavors that make an explosion in your mouth. You can book with us the tours you want, as well as custom plan your next vacation.


In 1352 one of seven Nahuatl tribes that came from the mythical Chicomostoc founded Xochimilco, in Nahuatl, it means land planted with flowers. There, they built chinampas: portions of land placed on roots, used for planting vegetables and flowers, among them, they left water channels to transport food in canoes. During your Xochimilco tours in trajinera you will learn all of this and more.

It is said that Xochimilco is celebrating every day, given the rich intangible heritage; numerous commemorations as Xaltocan, the beauty contest “Most Beautiful Flower in the Common?, and the feast of San Bernardino Siena on May 20th, which is a meeting of all the physical representations of the Saints. We recommend booking your trajineras tours with Wayak.

The trajineras in which you can navigate the canals of Xochimilco are an incredible attraction for tourists. They are usually adorned with encrusted flowers and are assigned a feminine name. They can be boarded at any of the nine piers. The trajineras are a perfect excuse to spend time with family or friends while having fun with music and great food. Enjoy the best trajineras tours in Xochimilco Mexico with Wayak.

On your next visit, in addition to our Xochimilco tours in trajinera, you will have the opportunity to meet a species of amphibian exclusive to this place. We are talking about the ajolote. Its name in Nahuatl means sea monster. It is a species that is currently under protection, as it has been the target of hunting, since it is believed to have characteristics that make it therapeutic for respiratory diseases. It is a species of amphibians that you can meet on your next visit, you will be impressed with them. Choose with Wayak the best Xochimilco boat tours in Mexico.

Without doubt, the most important festival is the Niñopan, celebrating the most beloved image of baby Jesus. If anyone wants to have the Niñopan figure in their home for a year, they will have to wait up to 25 years or more waiting for a turn. We have Xochimilco tours in Trajinera waiting for you, contact us today!


Mexico City has magical spots that represent the local traditions as Tlahuac or Xochimilco, where you can't miss a trip by Trajinera, the famous flower covered boats you can find in the canals. There is no better way to see the town than with Wayak's Xochimilco boat tours in Trajinera, contact us today and see for yourself this scenic town.

Another interesting place is Milpa Alta, which is still very provincial and mystical, a place of tradition, especially in November when Dia de Muertos is celebrated. Your Trajineras tours will take you and your loved ones safely to this and the many other attractions to be found in the country. Comfortable and affordable tours.

In addition to our best trajineras tours, which you can enjoy during your visit to Mexico City, we invite you to choose any of our destinations. Mexico City has so much to know, to enjoy, as well as impressive and delicious dishes to try. You can't miss it all with our tours.

As you can see, Mexico has a great cultural richness, there is so much to see and visit, that's why we recommend you to take our trajineras tours and visit the most emblematic sites of Mexico City. Start planning your vacation today and enjoy an incredible time with Wayak. We are a travel agency that allows you to plan your vacation in advance. Book with us with one click and start dreaming about that vacation you need so much.

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