Indigenous Villages Tour

A journey to Mexico's ancient living cultures and way of thinking.

Wayak offers al large variety of indigenous villages tours in Chiapas Mexico, where tradition and a mixture of cultures allow visitors to get acuainted with civilizations located in this area of the country way before the Spanish conquered this territory. These villages, like San Juan Chamula still are regulated by the oldest community members.

There are alleyways and plazas showing off their authentic colonial architecture and hosting churches, museums, cafés, restaurants and artisan workshops, among other delights. Travel whenever you want to, wherever you want to, with the indigenous villages tours in Chiapas Mexico. San Cristobal de las Casas is characterized by its peaceful life.

Indigenous villages in Chiapas are interesting to see and live.

Our on-groun transportation will pick you up from your hotel to start the indigenous villages tours in Chiapas Mexico. From there, will will go to San Juan Chamula, a district that it supposelly controlled by the local governors, although there is a certain untruth, as the state government has its offices just at the core of the town.

The surrounding areas of Palenque, known for their dense jungle vegetation and humid climate, have beautiful scenarios, including waterfalls, nature trails, and lakes, where you can explore the countryside by foot or horseback, giving you direct contact with the natural environment. Chiapas is probably the most interesting state of the country.

Tours to the most special indigenous villages throughout Mexico.

Chiapas has the enchantment of hosting several cultures and ways of life. It is very interesting to take our indigenous villages tours in Chiapas Mexico to whitness the crash between cultures. Indigenous inhabitants still have their own government and are very jeallous of their traditions. You will feel almost as if you as a visitor do not have a place among them.

With our indigenous villages tours in Chiapas Mexico, visit vibrant and colorful cities, explore ancient ruins and uncover the hidden treasures of Southern Mexico along the way. Get ready to be wowed as you stroll across the ruins in Palenque. Wayakbus is the safest and comfortable way to travel around Mexico and our customers will be pleased.


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