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Travel safely with our Merida airport transportation services. With comfortable vans going back and forth these two cities, hop on and arrive on time at your destination. With English speaking staff and space for your baggage, our services are thought to fulfill your expectations. Enjoy your trip without worrying about your Merida airport transfers services.

We offer personalized Merida Airport shuttle services for foreign travellers who want to decide of their own the time and place of their transportation services. These services are especially important for those who travel both without specific plans or on an already planned tour. Plan in advance your schedule or decide when to leave while travelling by booking any of our Merida airport transfers on your phone.

Wayak will take you all the way through the hotel zone, back and forward. Our Merida airport transfers are completely private. Also, you can decide the departure time! No more rushed trips with uncomfortable deadlines, just take advantage of our online booking to get your Merida airport transfer before going on trip.


Our Company is a global platform that specializes in airport shuttle transfers and focuses on quality services. If you are looking for an airport transfer Merida and other cities around the Mayan Riviera have many options, but Wayak can offer the most suitable for you. Sit back and enjoy the view! Our team will take care of the rest right at the airport to your hotel.

Start planning every detail of your next vacation today. We have an excellent Merida airport shuttle service. You can book it online and secure it. Let Wayak take care of your transfers and tours during your visit to Merida.

Are you planning to visit Cancun?

Merida is 188 miles away form Cancun, so it's a long, 3hr ride. Make it as comfortable as possible and with competitive prices. Plan in advance your safe return once you've experienced the most relaxing and fun vacations Cancun has to offer and return to Merida the day and time you want without any mishap.

The best of Merida

Visit the best attractions and most emblematic places of Merida, treat yourself with the Yucatecan gastronomy, including famous cochinita pibil among other exotic and delicious dishes. Choose Wayak's tours to continue getting to know all the places around Merida. There is so much to explore, so many places of interest and so much fun awaiting you on your next vacation. 

Once you get off our airport transfer Merida has amazing sights and places you can't miss. If you travel to one of these destinations, you cannot miss some of the main attractions of the area, for this you can choose tours with Wayak. We are a travel agency that adapts to your needs and travel preferences, always putting the safety of tourists first and providing them with the best experience. Choose Wayak as your Merida airport shuttle service.


Forget about worrying about finding a taxi or deciphering public transportation – we've got it all covered for you: we take you to your hotel or to the airport safely. Don't take any risk, hire a Merida airport transportation service as efficient and fast as Wayak.

While staying at Merida, book a one-day tour, hire private vans or buses, book a hotel and make special journeys to one or more of the exciting tourist destinations around the Riviera Maya. Our flexible programs make possible to decide when and where to go without sticking to anybody else´s plan. This feature gives you the freedom to live the experiences you really plan to enjoy.

We also offer personalized tours to Playa del Carmen, Chichen Itza, Tulum and every mayor destination in the Mayan Riviera´s surroundings. Ask us about any articular destination and we will advise you about anything you need to know about the destination itself and the ways you have to get there. Information is vital to make the best decisions, so don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts.

Having the vacation of your dreams is possible. With Wayak you can plan them and make them come true, that is why we recommend you to book with us from a Merida airport shuttle to some of our tours, we have different routes, quote today our options and choose the ones that fit your vacation plan.

If you are looking for an airport transfer Merida may provide you some options, but Wayak offers you the chance to have a timely and safe shuttle just getting off the plane.

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