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Wayak is inviting you to explore the stunning Valladolid. This charming colonial city has a rich history and breathtaking architecture. With its stunning Spanish-style buildings and colorful streets, Valladolid is a hidden gem that tourists should definitely add to their list of must-visit destinations.

Valladolid is part of our Magical Villages Tour, a journey that departs from Merida at 9 a.m. and then goes to Valladolid, then to a cenote, which is a natural large cave that have filled with cool, clear groundwater and rainwater over time. The next stop is Izamal, the city of three cultures, then the archaelogical zone of Kinich Kakmo and finally a calesa ride (horse-driven carriage).

Tours in Valladolid Yucatan

Valladolid is located about 100 miles at the east from Merida, that is why it is called "the pearl of east" in Yucatan. It is usually harder to find tours in Valladolid Yucatan than to other more famous destinations such as Uxmal or Chichen Itza. That is why we offer personalized Valladolid Tours in English that include other magical villages.

The city's name is derived from the Spanish city of the same name, which was once the capital of the Kingdom of Castile in Spain. Founded in the mid-16th century, Valladolid was one of the first Spanish cities built in the Yucatan Peninsula. Its architecture reflects a mix of Spanish, Mayan, and colonial styles, which makes it a unique destination for tourists.

One of the main attractions of Valladolid is the Cathedral of San Gervasio, which was built in the 16th century and features an impressive façade and bell tower. Its interior is equally impressive, with ornate decorations and religious paintings adorning the walls.

Most of the tours in Valladolid Yucatan include visits to the Convent of San Bernardino de Siena, a former Franciscan convent that dates back to the 16th century. This place is currently a museum that showcases the history and culture of the region, with exhibits ranging from Mayan artifacts to colonial-era artwork.

Other destinations of our Magical Villages tour

After Valladolid, we will take you to discover a cenote, a natural sinkhole that was once used by the Mayans for ceremonial purposes. Today, visitors can swim in the crystal-clear waters of the cenote and admire the stunning rock formations that surround it.

The next stop is Izamal, another beautiful colonial city founded over an ancient Mayan city. That is why it is know as "The City of the Three Cultures" and "City of the Hills", recalling the covered pyramids that were there when the Spaniards arrived. Visitors can enjoy its stunning yellow and white architecture, its calesas that travel around the city and the San Antonio de Padua convent.

Then, we will take you to the Kinich Kakmo archaelogical site. Mayas believed that the god Kinich came down in the form of a macaw to purify through fire the offerings brought to the Mayan pantheon, that is why they called this place "Fire Macaw with Solar Eyes". The pyramid is the largest in surface of the Yucatan Peninsula and the third largest in Mexico after the one of the Sun in Teotihuacan and Cholula in Puebla.

We think that the best way to end this trip is riding a calesa around the city. We invite you to book with us and take a ride!

Beyond our tours in Valladolid Yucatan

Travelling in Mexico is cheap, easy, and safe. The Mayan civilization was one of the most advanced cultures in ancient America, developing one of the earliest written languages, the concept of zero in mathematics, and some of the most astounding astronomical knowledge at the time. The remnants of this exotic civilization have mystified humanity for centuries, and you cannot miss the chance to witness it. 

When you visit Yucatan, you will have the opportunity to see different facets of Mayan architecture and culture. In addition to our personalized Valladolid tours in English, we can take you to places that once reunited the architectonic nuances of both the Puuc and Chenes regions of the empire. Wayak's tours will also take you to other popular sites like Uxmal and Celestun. 

Wayak offers a variety of services that allow you to discover the wonders that Mexico has to offer. You can take one of our shuttle buses that travel to some of the country's attractions such as Oaxaca, Uxmal, Merida, Playa del Carmen, and Cancun. These services are safe and comfortable and will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. Contact Wayak now to book your trip and explore the wonders of Mexico.

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