Montebello Lake Chiapas tours with transportation services

Our Montebello lake tours in Chiapas Mexico consists on travelling all through the lakes region and admiring beautiful landscapes, swimming places and breathtaking natural scenarios. This will be a great opportunity to practice your photography skill, as each lake has its own particular color, which goes from deep brown to the lightest blue. Our tours in Montebello Lake include a brief stop in the Amatenango Valley to admire traditional potters, also a visit to Chiflon waterfalls. 

All our Montebello lake Mexico tours include transportation, a tourist guide and a snack. It is perfect for travelers who love hiking and camping. The region's surrounding areas are ideal for enjoying close contact with nature and doing various recreational activities that will allow you to feel more relaxed and in touch with the most beautiful natural environments. Although most of our tours have bilingual guides, this is one of the few that is only in Spanish.


The Montebello lakes National Park is located 48 km southeast of San Cristobal de las Casas. This national park has the fourth highest mountain in the country, which is 4558 meters or 15,041 feet above sea level. Just check out our prices and experience the Montebello lake Chiapas tours. The lakes are famous for their beauty and nature. Our tours to Montebello Lake include a visit to El Chiflón and Amatenango.

Experience Montebello lake Chiapas tours. Among the things to do in Montebello lake, you can admire the beautiful landscape surroundings with lagoons in it. Breathe fresh air and play some ancestral games. This is an ideal place for taking long walks around the lagoons as you take in the great natural beauty. These lagoons have the most interesting colors due to different types of soil.

If you want to take advantage of the best Montebello Lake tourist attractions, Wayak takes you directly to enjoy the Montebello Lakes Chiapas tours. Get to know this natural enclosure, where you will be impressed by the variations in the colors of the water of the Montebello Lakes. This beautiful national park, although it has 59 lakes, 10 of them are open to the public. You can't leave Montebello without your bathing suit, the ideal is to take a dip in these beautiful lakes of colorful waters.

Get to know the main lake with our Montebello Lake Mexico tours; this is the main one, the color of the water will leave you in awe, you will see cliff formations around the lake, and not only that, but you are allowed to go swimming in it. There is also Cinco Lagos, which as its name says, is a group of lakes connected to each other. In Cinco Lagos you can take a raft ride or practice kayaking, in the case of Cinco Lagos, swimming is not allowed. Perhaps one of the most beautiful of our Lake Montebello tours is Lake Pojoj, the color of the water goes from completely clear to turquoise blue to a beautiful emerald green. In Lake Pojoj you can swim and dive. Don't forget your camera so you can capture a moment like this forever. You can enjoy this and much more on our Montebello Lake tours.

The Montebello lake Mexico tours in Chiapas Mexico are waiting for you. We provide alternatives to consider when traveling, no matter where you are going. Wayak has an accessible, flexible and trouble-free way to travel around Mexico on first class vans, which cover 16 destinations from Mexico City to Cancun or any other city. It is a long and very beautiful journey.


Another benefit of this tour relies on its transportation. When this trip is over, tired travelers will relax in the most comfortable van. Every Wayak Van is equipped with A/C, DVD and mp3 players. You can watch movies onboard with individual volume control headsets so you can set your personal volume preference, that way, if you prefer to nap.

Choose today to travel to Montebello Lake, enjoying with Wayak the best tours. We have professional guides that will make your stay as fun and safe as possible. Get to know the majesty of the state of Chiapas and the natural beauties it offers. Start planning your trip in advance and book the best tours only with Wayak. We offer you a personalized attention if you wish, we have bilingual guides that will be able to guide you at all times (In this tour Montebello Lake is only in Spanish). Choose your tours with us today.

Montebello Lakes and Chiflon Tour
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