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Wayak's Oaxaca tours with bilingual guides offer comprehensive exploration of Oaxaca and its neighboring cities that contribute to Mexico's fame. Discover more about Oaxaca tourist attractions and activities. Prepare for an enchanting visit to one of the country's most picturesque destinations.

Opt for the finest approach to uncover things to do in Oaxaca and its rich culture with our professional guidance and exceptional service on Oaxaca walking tours. Immerse yourself in Mexican culture, sampling diverse foods, drinks, and festivities along the way.

Oaxaca, pronounced Oajaca, serves as the capital of its namesake state. Situated 470 kilometers from Mexico City, Oaxaca enjoys an excellent climate year-round due to its elevation of 1500 meters above sea level. Beyond its climatic allure, Oaxaca boasts a rich cultural heritage and the warmth of its people, awaiting discovery on our Oaxaca tours.

Get the Best of the Greatest Oaxaca Tourist Attractions

Experience things to do in Oaxaca and its stunning surroundings, rich in history, culture, and captivating traditions. Established as a city in New Spain in 1529, Oaxaca is steeped in the legacy of Zapotec civilizations and prehistoric settlements. Join us on Oaxaca tours with bilingual guides to delve deeper into this captivating destination.

Just a few kilometers from the city lies the Monte Alban archaeological site, once the most significant military and religious center in the Oaxaca Valley. The exceptional preservation of this site allows visitors to envision daily life in its ancient streets. If you travel to Oaxaca, secure your booking for our Monte Alban tours now to witness these wonders firsthand.

Monte Alban stands out as the paramount archaeological zone in the state, yet other sites warrant exploration, such as Mitla and Dainzú Yagul. Wayak offers tours to these and numerous other extraordinary locations. Contact us for details on Oaxaca tours with bilingual guides and our diverse range of options.

Embark on a tour conducted in your preferred language to enhance your cultural understanding. Oaxaca's colonial essence endures in its capital, where a leisurely walk evokes the viceroyalty era. The central square, or Zocalo, surrounded by sixteenth-century buildings including the cathedral, now houses restored hotels, restaurants, galleries, and museums. Experience it all firsthand.

If you tavel to Oaxaca, you will get the chance to enjoy some of the state's most important activities, such as the renowned La Guelaguetza festival. This celebration of culture features folkloric dances, traditional costumes, and music in honor of the Virgen del Carmen. Immerse yourself in this vibrant festival to gain deeper insight into Oaxaca's cultural richness.

Delve into Oaxaca's diverse gastronomy during our walking tours, savoring typical dishes like mole negro, tlayudas, caldo de piedra, and Oaxacan tamales wrapped in banana leaves. Don't miss the opportunity to taste mezcal, a spirit derived from the maguey plant, perfect for savoring after sampling Oaxaca's culinary delights.

For an unforgettable journey through Monte Alban, choose Wayak. Our professional guides ensure you gain deeper insights into the city's culture and traditions. Oaxaca is brimming with color, flavor, and excitement at every turn.

Travel to Oaxaca and tailor your travel experience with us. Our knowledgeable guides will showcase the sights and tastes you desire in Oaxaca. Begin planning your walking tours in Oaxaca today for an unrivaled experience with Wayak.


Enhance your visit to Monte Albán by exploring the interactive museums and interpretive centers onsite that showcase artifacts unearthed from the site. Learn about Zapotec culture, daily life, and religious practices through interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, and guided tours led by knowledgeable experts. Gain a deeper appreciation for the significance of Monte Albán within the context of Mesoamerican history and archaeology.

At Wayak, we specialize in crafting immersive and educational experiences that bring the history and heritage of Monte Albán to life. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery through the ancient ruins, where every stone tells a story and every carving holds a secret. Travel to Oaxaca with us today and let the Monte Alban tourist attractions unfold before your eyes.

Zapoteca Heritage (Monte Albán)
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Zapoteca Heritage (Monte Albán)
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