Guided Palenque Chiapas tours in English

Today is your lucky day. If you are planning to travel to Mexico in the near future or you are already here but not specific to do so, Wayak has the best private Palenque tours to discover this amazing archaeological site in the estate of Chiapas.

Our tours in Palenque let you contemplate one of the most amazing culture in México. We refer to the Mayan culture, full of knowledge and wisdom that was created from ground zero and the empire that stands still today with all its majestic and beauty ready to amaze you. Palace, roads and jungle are together to give a glimpse of a great adventure to come.

You can choose one of the tours to Palenque that you like the most and you will have the opportunity that Wayak assigns you a professional guide to enjoy your experience, also someone who speaks English so you don't miss anything on your next visit.


Our private Palenque Chiapas tours give you the ins and outs that you need to know about this culture. For example it was one of the most modern cities in America, full with people working together as a contemporary city, even before the America Discovery by Spanish people. But there is a mystery that surrounds this city. It was empty when they got here.

When Spanish men came for the first time to Chiapas, they found this city without citizens. No where they were to be found. Abandon as they left it, one man called Pedro Lorenzo de la Nada decided to name it Palenque, as is the Spanish word for fortitude, but its real name is Otolum or Land of strong houses. Find out more with our Palenque Mexico tours.

Palenque is a ceremonial city that shows in all its expression the Mayan culture. When visiting Chiapas and choosing one of our tours to Palenque we recommend you to consider the weather. The average climate is 26 °C and the minimum may be 16 °C.  Be prepared for your Palenque ruins tours.

In our Palenque Mexico tours you can discover the beautiful variety of flora; such as the chicozapote, mahogany, cedar, ceiba and cedar, among others.  And also beautiful fauna such as the flat turtle, the crocodile turtle, the raccoon, the wild boar, among others.


Still, the beauty of this city can be admired thanks to our Palenque ruins tours. With us you get bilingual guides that let you know everything about the background and history of this place in your own language, so you are not lost in translation any more. Choose the day, activity and transportation and we´ll make it happen for you.

Historical fact: In our tour Palenque is still a city to discover. Only 2% of the whole place has been explored, the reminder is waiting there. Wayak provides you with everything you need to experience a great vacation while you find more and more about this fascinating place. Just book one of our Palenque Chiapas tours.

Remember that we have other services besides our Palenque tours. Our services can be transportation. You can choose between a private trip, where we pick you up at the airport and drop you off at the door of your hotel. We also have vans for group transportation, that is, if you are traveling with friends or family, you can hire our service, this way you travel safely and reach your destination without wasting time. In the case of our tours in Palenque, we can also pick you up at your hotel, take you through the tour and take you back to your hotel. All our drivers are professional and the transportation service is guaranteed.

If you travel to Palenque, get closer to the professionals. Wayak is the best travel agency, we offer services that can complement your trip in fun and safety. We have highly trained and professional staff to guide you to Palenque tourist attractions. Enjoy the best destinations and schedule one of our Palenque tours today. We are ready to make your vacation an unforgettable time.

Palenque & Waterfalls
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