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We are a tourism agency that offers the best Puebla tours with bilingual guides for small groups; safe, affordable and luxurious options to make your vacations as relaxing as possible. This wonderful city offers so much food and culture that you won't believe. We invite you to read more about the town and our services and see for yourself.

Puebla exudes a seductive blend of the old and the new; here coexist universities, trendy restaurants, boutique hotels and charming markets that welcome visitors with open arms. The city hosts an array of buildings listed as historic. Come see all of this in our tours in Puebla with bilingual guide for small groups; we are your best option.

Puebla is one of the oldest cities in Mexico. Its planning, attributed to the angels, dates from 1532. Its good climate and strategic location soon made it the second most important city of Colonial Mexico. En route to Mexico City, crafts and spices from the Philippines passed first by Puebla, which gradually assimilated some Eastern expressions. Visit this beautiful city with our tours Puebla with Wayak.

Tours to Puebla with Bilingual Guides for Small groups or families willing to explore

If you're looking to explore the city of Puebla in Mexico, hiring a Puebla Mexico tours with a bilingual guide is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your experience. Our tours in Puebla guide can help you navigate the city, find the best places to eat and drink, and even provide insight into the local culture. And, of course, they can also help you with any language barriers you may encounter. So whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, hiring a tours to Puebla with our bilingual guide is a great way to ensure a hassle-free visit to Puebla.

Puebla is one of Mexico's colonial treasures, which earned it a World Heritage Site title by UNESCO. When it comes to Mexican cities, Puebla is more responsive and easier to navigate for pedestrians than any other. Book your Puebla tours with bilingual guide for small groups today and see for yourself all that is to be found here.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception was built between 1575 and 1640, its towers, which measure up to 73.9 meters, are the highest in the country and throughout Latin America. Come admire its marble floors, interior decoration in gold leaf and the impressive altar, all this with our Puebla tours with bilingual guides.

Puebla tour for small groups

When you take our tour Puebla, Mexico, be sure to book with an English speaking guide. Small group tours Puebla are the best way to see the city and its many attractions. Your guide will take you to all the must-see sights, as well as some off-the-beaten-path places that most tourists never get to see.

Puebla is a beautiful colonial city, founded in 1531 by Spanish conquistadors. It is located in central Mexico, about 100 kilometers southeast of Mexico City. The city is home to many beautiful churches and other colonial-era architecture. It is also famous for its traditional Mexican cuisine.

Your guide will show you all the highlights of Puebla, including the Cathedral of Puebla, the Palacio de Gobierno, and the Iglesia de Santo Domingo. You will also get to sample some of the city's famous dishes, like mole poblano and chiles en nogada.

The Palafoxian Library was the first public one in the new world. It was built in the seventeenth century and in its time sheltered the finest collection of manuscripts in the Americas. Today its inventory protects more than 43,000 volumes. You can visit the Palafoxian library with Wayak's Puebla Mexico tours with bilingual guides for small groups.

Other architectural masterpieces that you can admire in colonial Puebla are the Convent of Santa Rosa, which now houses the Crafts Museum, the Santa Monica convent, built in the seventeenth century and the University Museum, better known as House of Dolls. During our Puebla tours with bilingual guide for small groups, you will learn so much more.

Visit Puebla with Wayak

If you're looking for a unique and memorable way to see Puebla, book a tour Puebla with an English speaking guide today! Small group tours in Puebla are the best way to experience all that this amazing city has to offer. Contact us and plan ahead for your next trip to Puebla.

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