Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and Chichen Itza transportation.

Planning to take off your same old routine? Take your backpack with you and explore our Mexican destinations without worrying about keeping a schedule. Wayak Tours is an accessible, flexible and trouble-free way to travel around Mexico on first class Shuttle Vans, which cover 16 destinations from Mexico City to Cancun. You can plan your own trip.

Chichen Itza has many elaborate structures; the most impressive is 'El Castillo', the Great Ball Court, Temple of the Warriors and The Caracol. You can plan to spend the day at this site. Wear your hiking boots and go early in the morning, as it can get very hot and humid later in the day. Playa del Carmen is an amazing destination for every taste.

Shuttle vans to offer you the best ground transportation in the region

The deep waters separating Playa del Carmen from Cozumel are ideal for sport fishing, diving, and many more water sports. The jungle is a must to explore in an ATV tour or riding a horse. When the sun goes down in Playa del Carmen, everybody gets ready for a relaxing walk at “La Quinta Avenida?, the walking strip where you'll find everything.

If you are looking for more action, the evening offers a number of options such as places to dance and shake off the insomnia caused by Caribbean nights, great parties on the beaches and lively bars. Enjoy this and much more with our shuttle van from Chichen Itza to Playa del Carmen. At nightfall we recommend that you take a stroll along 5th Ave.

Travel through all the archaeological sites of the region with us.

A direct encounter with nature also allows you to observe many birds, as well as other animal and plant species. Don't miss it! The shuttle van from Chichen Itza to Playa del Carmen is a lifetime experience that you will never forget. Mexico is renowned in the world for its rich culinary tradition, which offers a great variety of dishes.

The taste, aroma and texture of these ingredients can captivate even the most demanding palate and thus turn Mexico into one of the most important destinations in the sphere of international gastronomy. We have the best vacation packages with hotels and the best tours of the region.

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