Campeche, Riviera Maya and Cancun shuttle route.

From Mexico City to Cancun you will experience the most wonderful adventure of your life. We have created a flexible transportation for low budget travelers. Wayakbus divided southern Mexico into 16 different touristic routes via van, in which travelers can hop off on each city and explore at their own way and timetable to enjoy Mexico.

Discover Mexico while travelling in our shuttle van from Merida to Campeche. The gorgeous beaches near Campeche are ideal for doing a wide variety of aquatic sports, basking in the sun and enjoying the excellent services. Furthermore, Campeche offers interesting tours of old haciendas that once produced grains, henequen and sugar cane products.

Ground transportation services from Merida to Campeche and beyond.

At the various haciendas that you can visit if you take the shuttle van from Merida to Campeche, you will have the opportunity to try delicious regional cuisine, including armadillo, venison, fish and seafood, and exotic vegetarian dishes. Don't fail to benefit from this enjoyable experience. Explore the Mexican countryside of these glorious cities.

From ancient ruins to extreme sports, Mexico's got something for you. All kinds of people visit Mexico, from the young to the young at heart, from the solo adventurer to the whole family, those keen on the cutting edge to those who want to dig into the past. Wayakbus offers you the best options in the market, like our shuttle van from Merida.

Premium shuttle van programs to visit all the archaeological sites.

Wayak Tours offers regular group departures as well as private and customized tour arrangements throughout the year. With our shuttle van from Merida to Campeche you can plan your own itinerary to travel through our Mexican destinations. There is a ton to see and do in Mexico, so a good idea would be to give yourself some time to explore.

Here you can choose from 16 different touristy routes through Mexico. Contact us to be able to design your personalized tour at this and other areas of the country. We can arrange tours for small groups or lonely travellers. It all depende on what you have in mind for a great vacation experience. We are professionals in the tourist industry.

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