Ciudad de México to Puebla
$ 219 USD

Transportation services from Mexico City to colonail towns like Puebal and Cholula.

Wayakbus offers the best transportation for tourists at the best prices. Flexible, comfortable and safe, the shuttle vans are the perfect choice for low budget travelers. We have created 16 different touristic routes via van where you can hop off and hop on each of the cities the van makes a stop at and have all the fun you want in your own rules.

Experience all the fun with our shuttle van from Mexico City to Puebla. Wayak provides you with the best options in Shuttle Van service from the multi-cultural Mexico City to the colonial town of Puebla. Puebla is a colonial city, known as the City of Angels. The Cathedral is one of the most notable examples of this city's beautiful architecture.

Puebla is just a short 2 hour ride from Mexico City. Book now!

Furthermore, the state of Puebla has interesting archeological zones, such as Cholula, Tonanzintla, and Cantona, where you can check out the numerous courtyards and see more than 20 ball courts. In this amazing destination, you can taste the most delicious typical dishes and at the same time, you can experience the hospitality and the local warmth.

Our tours include on-ground transportation, which you can relish in our comfortable vans, like the shuttle van from Mexico City to Puebla. Welcome to breathtaking getaways that invite exploration, to mountains and valleys that sweep you into another place and time; join to the hundreds of satisfied travelers that have taken our great tours.

Shuttle vans with professional drivers to travel safely.

If you're interested in sightseeing but not sure where to start, we have the best choices for you. Pick one of the tours listed, and review the travel information. We offer Tour Guides with information that includes some places where to sleep, what to do and where to go looking for nightlife throughout the route as well as archaeological sites.

Apart from our shuttle van from Mexico City to Puebla, we've put together some day trips and vacation packages just for you. The tours will vary in length, depending on how much exploring you want to do at each stop. You can even make your own variations if you like; the possibilities are endless.


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