Campeche to Mérida
$ 252 USD

Chiapas, Campeche and Merida shuttle vans and transportation.

Normally, travel packages have a specific itinerary, which sometimes limits you about the time and the place you want to know. If this is what you are running from, Wayakbus has for you an easy, comfortable and great way to travel to Mexico which gives you all the freedom you need. The shuttle vans are tourist routes designed to make stops.

Continuing in the shuttle van from Campeche to Merida, the next stop is the city of ancient mayas. When you arrive to Merida, visiting the Balankanché caves and Chichén-Itzá is a must. On this last one, we recommend you to use your best walking shoes and sunglasses; you will walk most of the time and maybe even climb some rough stone stairs.

Enjoy all the journey from Campeche to Merida with our services.

Day by Day, our customers find in our hop on and hop off network, the best way to travel. These tour packages are designed for people like you, who are independent travelers and backpackers who want more choices as they travel, with every opportunity to change their mind as their trip develops. Apart from our shuttle van from Campeche to Merida.

Book our shuttle van from Campeche to Merida and experience the most unexpected adventure of your life. WayakBus knows that all kinds of people visit Mexico, from the young to the young at heart, the solo adventurer to the whole family, those keen on the cutting edge to those who want to dig into the past. No matter what you fancy, we've got it.

Shuttle van services with professional English-spoken guides.

Moreover, the stunning beaches near Campeche are ideal for doing a wide variety of aquatic sports, basking in the sun and enjoying the excellent services. Merida has various parks with beautiful gardens and zoos where you can take a pleasant stroll as you admire some of the region's most important animal species. Merida has many important museums.

If you're looking for traditional regional crafts, such as coarse cotton clothing, hammocks, and objects made from henequen, among other merchandise, take the shuttle van from Campeche to Merida and visit the Garcia Rejon Market. Travel to the best Mexican destinations, spending as much time as you want in each of them at low costs.


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