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We would like to talk to you about our Six Flags guided tour visits in Mexico City; we have the best tours available with bilingual guides and very safe transportation to this park and so many other attractions in Mexico City. Read some more about the park and the many other transportation services that we have for you, we are your best choice in Mexico.

Six Flags is the largest chain in the world of amusement and theme parks, is was founded in Texas in 1961 and is currently based in New York; today it is one of the biggest entertainment compounds in the world with over 13 parks in the continent and Wayak's Six Flags guided tour in Mexico City will take you there, contact us to know more about it.


The first park of this chain originally received the name Six Flags over Texas, due to the six flags that have flown over Texas during its history: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, United States of America and the Confederate States of America. Today the first park is still open and you can visit the only one in Latin America.

Remember that Wayak also offers an array of transportation services like shuttle routes, chauffeured vans and many more. And you can book Six Flags tour in Mexico City with Wayak, we have many other tours and excursions in Mexico City and nearby, contact us today to know more, you will not regret choosing to travel with us!

If you are looking for fun and adrenaline, with our Six Flags guided tour you can get both. We can book Six Flags tour in  Mexico for you to take your excitement to the highest level. Enjoy the best amusement park in Mexico. Roller coasters like Batman The Ride, Aquaman, Superman the Ultimate Escape and many others that will challenge your adrenaline level. You can't miss the best amusement park in Mexico. 

Inside the park, we offer a Six Flags guided tour, you will have the opportunity to go on more than 50 attractions and rides for the whole family. In addition to the above, you can visit the restaurants and the great variety of places where you can find food or drinks so you don't suffer from hunger or thirst. Currently there are more than 30 places to choose dishes and drinks, even desserts to make your ride fun and delicious at the same time.


Six Flags Mexico is an amusement park located south of Mexico City in the Tlalpan-Ajusco district. It's the theme park with the most extreme games in Mexico, of which we highlight five roller coasters; Boomerang, the first roller coaster in the world with a round trip on a seamless loop, comes to ride it with our Six Flags Guided Visit in Mexico City.

Batman, the first and only inverted roller coaster in Mexico; Superman The Last Escape is a “hypercoaster? of 66m of height traveling at 120 miles per hour. A mountain of wood called Medusa measuring 42m high and going at 80km/h, considered a masterpiece for its banked corners. Come see all these fun attractions with our Six Flags guided visits.

Arm yourself with courage, challenge your fears and have fun on your next vacation. Book Six Flags tour with us. We have the best tours, we put together your own vacation plan. We handle groups of families or friends. Plan your next vacation with us and live this experience to the fullest.

In addition to all the activities and fun you can find in our Six Flags guided tour, Wayak has for you tours to the Historic Center of Mexico City, museum tours, Xochimilco tours, Mexican wrestling tours and much more. We will make your vacation an unforgettable time. See for yourself.

Choose Wayak's Six Flags guide tour today. Enjoy your next vacation with safe transportation and professional guide services. We are experts in personalized vacation planning. Book Six Flags tour today, you are just a click away.

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