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Decide today to take a vacation in one of the countries that has it all, choose our tours in Chile and get to know everything this destination has to offer. We guarantee fun on your next vacation, as well as the best places and destinations to visit on your next trip to Chile.

Do not hesitate, meet with us and let us guide you in an unforgettable experience with the tours in Chile for the best places in the country. Discover its beautiful cities, different climates and landscapes. The incredible gastronomy. Come to Wayak and get to know the tours in Chile that are waiting for you.

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Discover the best of Chile and enjoy your stay in Chile

Chile is a country bordering Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northwest and Argentina to the east. Due to its extension and territorial shape, Chile has a varied climate, for example, in the northern part the climate is desert. In the coastal areas, the temperature can go from 20 °C with a lot of cloudiness. In the highlands, the temperature drops and the climate is considered steppe-like and cold, with sporadic rains. 

In Chile you can find many activities to do, as well as landscapes and climates so varied that you will not want to miss anything, because the options to visit are too many. Meet the most beautiful desert, icy climates with inverted waterfalls, beautiful lakes surrounded by volcanoes, the scenery will leave you speechless. 

With our tours in Chile you will discover that this destination has it all, from a modern city like Santiago de Chile, beautiful natural landscapes from Torres del Paine to the Atacama Desert, as well as the magical and paradisiacal Easter Island. 

Flora in Chile

The vegetation is conditioned by these same climatic characteristics, for example, in the north, where there is little rainfall, there are trees such as tamarugo, carob and shrubs such as yareta. In the central zone, due to the winter rains, there are trees such as belloto, molle, espino, chagual and guayacán. In the south, you can find the copihue, Chile's national flower. On one of our tours in Chile you will be able to see the different species of trees and flowers that only occur in this country and why they are considered endemic species.

Fauna in Chile

Although Chile does not have an enormous variety of flora and fauna, it can be said that it has a large percentage of endemic species, that is, species that are only found there. Due to the varied climate of this country, the flora and fauna are divided by zones. 

As for the fauna, in the north of Chile, due to its dry climate, you will find the Andean flamingos. In the center of the country, where the climate is more favorable, there are foxes, mice, and birds such as the turkey and the chiricoca. In the south of Chile you can find animals such as the small pudú and the huemul.

In addition to the above, in Chile you can see animals such as the llama, the puma, the coypu, the alpaca, the Atacama runner lizard and the choroy, to mention a few.

National parks and tours in Chile

If you want to get close to nature and all the beautiful landscapes of Chile, we recommend you to take our tours in Chile and visit some of the national parks and nature reserves. Get to know the most popular national parks like Pan de Azúcar, in the north of the country. There you will find species of this region, go kayaking or biking, this if it is summer. Camping or staying in a cabin and tasting typical dishes with local products.

In the center of the country is La Campana National Park, which was declared a Biosphere Reserve. This national park has areas for camping and hiking.

And in the south of Chile is located the Radal Siete Tazas National Reserve, impressive with its natural water games of the Claro River.

Another National Park worth visiting and enjoying is Villarrica, where you can appreciate beautiful lakes and snow-capped volcanoes. If you are looking for adventure, the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park has rapids for rafting.


Gastronomy in Chile

If we talk about gastronomy, Chile has several dishes to delight you. However, we can say that the gastronomy is also divided by regions, from the north, center and south of Chile. In its outstanding dishes, all kinds of ingredients are used, such as poultry, meat, seafood and fish; corn, potatoes and beans. Some of them, part of the crops and originating from this country, for example: the olive, the custard apple, the murta or murtilla, the avocado, the potato and the quinoa, just to mention a few.

You cannot leave Chile without tasting dishes such as empanadas, humitas, cazuela, beans, pastel de choclo and alfajor. Undoubtedly, there is variety to taste real Chilean food, these are just a few examples, the options are unlimited and you will surely find one that will become your favorite.


Why take tours in Chile?

Chile has many tourist places to make your vacation the best time, so we recommend some of our tours in Chile, so you know the most beautiful places and enjoy your next vacation. 

If you have not decided yet, but you are very close to venture to know a country as beautiful as Chile, here are some reasons why you should choose us for your tours in Chile.


Another reason to visit Chile

You should know that Chile is the seventh largest producer of wine in the world, that's right, wine is the main alcoholic beverage in Chile, so you should take the time and taste some of its star products such as red wines, Chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Chilean wine has been awarded several times for being a wine with excellent quality. Undoubtedly something you should take the time to visit one of the nine Chilean Wine Routes.


Tours in La Serena

You must visit this beautiful place with our tours in La Serena. It is a city located in the north of Chile, it is the capital of the region of Coquimbo. One of the main attractions in the tours in La Serena is its historic center, as it preserves the neocolonial architecture, it is mostly visited in the summer, because its beaches and green areas evoke relaxation and at the same time fun for everyone. 

If you want to get to know the culture, choosing one of the tous in La Serena is ideal to visit La Recova, a market with a great variety of handicrafts from several nearby regions, as well as objects in lapis lazuli and combarbalite stone, which are unique in their kind and come from the region. 

If you choose one of our tours in La Serena, you must visit the Archaeological Museum of La Serena and the Gonzalez Videla House: today called the President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla Regional History Museum. 

La Serena is considered the city of bell towers, due to the large number of churches and their history. Many of these have been declared national monuments.

Commerce is very important in La Serena and its historic center is one of the main tourist destinations in the country, receiving more than 1,000,000 tourists a year. 

In our tours in La Serena, you will have the opportunity to visit several sites, among them, the Elqui Valley, with beautiful and green landscapes, as well as desert hills, in this place you can do the so-called astronomical tourism. 

Another place to enjoy in the tours in La Serena is Totoralillo, a beautiful beach of white sand and crystalline waters; there are food shops, as well as souvenirs and beach items.


Choose our tours in San Pedro de Atacama

Meet an ancestral culture and travelers from all over the world that mingle in this ancient town with dirt streets and adobe houses. Starting point for an unforgettable trip, in its infinite beauty you will discover the most amazing postcards of the planet. Take our tours to San Pedro de Atacama and visit this beautiful indigenous town.  

Visit the old square to learn about the customs of its inhabitants. Surrender to the calm pace of its people, where there seems to be no pressure of the clock, and don't miss its church. Soak up the local art, in the Pueblo de Artesanos you can visit their workshops and discover how they keep their traditions alive, live the best experience in our tours in San Pedro de Atacama, and let yourself be seduced by the local and international gastronomic proposals of its restaurants.

Our interesting tours in San Pedro de Atacama will allow you to explore the multiple attractions of the area: active geysers, lagoons that stand out for their intense colors, and dazzling salt flats that will surprise you. If adventure is your thing, tour the desert by bicycle, slide down the dunes on a sandboard or enjoy a privileged view of the Moon Valley.

For a day full of sensations, enjoy massages and thermal baths in the leisure centers. Once night falls, there is nothing better than enjoying the infinite stars that twinkle over the driest desert in the world.

Scenery of multiple surprises, the salt lagoon of three thousand square kilometers is a spectacle without equal. The Salar de Atacama is one of the main attractions of the Los Flamencos National Reserve. Marvel at the large number of long-limbed birds that nest and feed in its "water eyes", such as the Chaxa Lagoon. Choose our tours in San Pedro de Atacama.


Visit the best sites with our tours in Santiago

The city of Santiago captivates with its diverse panoramas and the versatility that characterizes it. Through the tours in Santiago, you will see that it is the scene of events that highlight the Chilean culture and great international festivals, through its sounds, flavors and colors. The Chilean capital fills with life all those who visit it.

You can feel the diversity in its neighborhoods; walking through them is the best way to get to know the city, and this is possible with one of our tours in Santiago.

Lose yourself in its streets to find original art galleries, innovative design stores and craft fairs, as well as restaurants, bars and cafes, which complements with an attractive and innovative offer. And if you're a night owl, you're sure to have a great time in the Bellavista neighborhood.

Visit the city center to soak up the life that our tours in Santiago have to offer. You can learn more about Chile in the many museums or take a stroll through the famous Central Market to taste the exquisite products of Chilean gastronomy.

Much of Chile's history has been written in the Plaza de Armas and its surrounding buildings. Walk through its streets to find ancient buildings such as the Santiago City Hall, the Cathedral, the National History Museum and many others. Or just sit back and enjoy the bustling city life on the classic Paseo Ahumada, guided to the best tours in Santiago.

Downtown offers a variety of places to eat. Elegant restaurants welcome customers walking the streets. However, if you're looking to recharge your batteries, don't miss the famous "picadas" (small eating places), where you'll find the food is plentiful.

Outdoor enthusiasts can head to the hills surrounding the city and marvel at the panoramic views of Santiago with the magnificent Andes as a beautiful backdrop. Take the opportunity to have a picnic and visit one of the city's many parks. You'll find world-class shopping opportunities in the elegant Alonso de Córdoba neighborhood and in the city's many modern shopping malls. You can't miss any of the incredible city with one of our tours in Santiago.


Get to know and choose our tours in Valparaíso

Within this cultural city there are more than 95 national monuments, a historic center declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a port and its characteristic hills that cover the city, all this you can discover with our tours in Valparaiso.

Some of the best known are the Cerro Concepción, Cerro Alegre and Cerro Bellavista. All of them have a mix of national and European architecture, which gives them an eccentric and at the same time bohemian character. 

On one of our tours in Valparaiso you will discover that there are different cafes, museums, promenades and churches that allow you to spend the whole day touring this beautiful and colorful city.

All tours in Valparaíso invite you to discover always a new urban decoration, an interesting art gallery or a gastronomic corner, among its hills that have been the inspiration of poets and writers.

Walk through its narrow streets, infinite stairways, historic elevators and its many viewpoints. Enjoy the joy of its carnivals and spectacular fireworks show that bid farewell to the New Year's Eve festivities from the sea.

The "Jewel of the Pacific", as Valparaiso is known, also houses the Legislative Congress of Chile and the headquarters of the Chilean Navy; choose one of our tours in Valparaiso and don't forget to visit its port and coves, a faithful portrait of the Chilean idiosyncrasy. Get to know and be surprised by the market of freshly harvested seafood and the extroverted fishermen's extroversion.

Take the El Peral funicular, where at the top you will be greeted by the beautiful Paseo Yugoslavo and the Baburizza Palace, which houses the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts. 

With any of the tours in Valparaíso you can enjoy the scenery while gazing out over the bay of this main port or try the delicious dishes prepared with fresh seafood in the local restaurants. You can't leave Chile without trying the traditional Chilean empanadas or tasting a good Chilean wine.

Also go up the Cerro Concepción along Montealegre street and be amazed by the extraordinary Lutheran Church of La Santa Cruz. Here begins Paseo Dimalow, where you can relax in its beautiful boutique hotels.


Beaches in Chile

Get to know the best places with our tours in Chile. Visit the most beautiful beaches and relax a few moments to the rhythm of sun, sand and sea. You will realize that this destination is ideal for a vacation of adventure, but at the same time of rest and maximum relaxation. We have the best tours in Chile for you to know the more than 4,000 kilometers of coastline. 

If you are in the north of the country you can visit the waters of the Pacific Ocean, which are temperate and perfect for the hot weather. For a more active and entertaining time, we recommend the central part of Chile, where the beaches are more lively and with great waves, without a doubt the best for your vacations in Chile. For a breathtaking view of the beach with forests in the background, you should visit the southern part of Chile, where you will find the lake beaches, the perfect place for boat rides and activities such as sailing or kayaking. 

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Chile are: Totoralillo, in the north of Chile; Playa Blanca, also located in the north; Anakena, Bahía Inglesa and Playa La Virgen, the latter located further south. 

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