Wayak's Xenotes Tours are the best way to enjoy nature

Our Xenotes tours takes you to these marvelous natural sinkholes that dot the landscape, offering a unique opportunity to witness their breathtaking beauty and learn about their cultural and historical significance. Among the things to do in Xenotes tour, you can practice assisted rappelling, zip lines, swimming, kayaking activities (equipment included), beverages, and a picnic at the end of the activities.

Experience the beauty of nature like never before with our comfortable Xenotes tours, coupled with premium transportation services across Cancun, Playa Del Carmen or points in the Riviera Maya. Our tourism agency offers the best excursions, tours, and transportation options, including chauffeured vans and shuttle tours. Dive into the details and see why we are your ultimate choice.

Things to do in Xenotes tour

For those who crave adventure and a deep connection with nature, our tours in Xenotes are perfect. Our day expeditions are a blend of off-the-beaten-path travel, stunning natural landscapes, and rich Mayan culture. 

Our tour includes. round trip transportation from the comfort of your hotel, visit four different types of cenotes, assisted rappelling, zip lines, swimming and kayaking activities, operator guide. The equipment includes life jacket, rappelling equipment, kayak and tire. Use of bathrooms, dressing rooms and two towels.

Since all these activities can make you hungry, we provide water, coffee, chocolate, sweet bread and fruit at the beginning and a picnic at the end of the activities (julienne-style soup, cold bar of premium quality meats and cheeses, variety of rustic breads, dressings, salads and water, wine or beer). As you see, our tours to Xenotes have all coverded-up! 

Safety and Excitement in Nature

Xenotes tourist attractions include mainly four unique cenotes, sacred to the Mayan culture. You can customize your adventure by choosing your favorite activities or spend your time marveling at these natural wonders. These cenotes, connected by underground rivers, are among the most impressive natural features unique to the Yucatan Peninsula. Our tours to Xenotes also include stops at hidden natural sites where you can soak in the ancient history and lush surroundings, whether in the jungle or by the turquoise sea.

Besides the cenotes, the region offers numerous other activities: 

Apart from our tours in Xenotes, we offer trips to iconic places like Chichen Itza. Located 200 kilometers from Cancun, Chichen Itza is home to the magnificent Kukulkan temple, one of the most visited Mayan sites in Mexico. This site is a must-visit during your vacation, and we have a tour that takes you there and also to the Tsukán cenote with 45 minutes for swimming activity.

If you travel to Xenotes, you can continue your journey with a visit to Xcaret, a theme park where you can see incredible Mayan archaeological remains, enjoy exciting attractions, and savor authentic Mexican cuisine. Wayak ensures this visit will be an unforgettable part of your vacation, showcasing the best of the Mayan culture and natural beauty.

One of the most popular activities in Cancun is visiting Isla Mujeres. Known as the "Island of Women," this small but diverse paradise offers a range of activities from the adventurous to the relaxing. Our Isla Mujeres tour includes transportation from your hotel in Cancun (bus and boat), onboard refreshments (coffee, juice, cookies, and bread), a guided walking tour through the picturesque streets of the island, visits to historical and cultural spots, and an open bar with water, soft drinks, cocktails, and smoothies. You’ll also enjoy beach facilities such as showers, chairs, umbrellas, and a buffet meal. Activities on the best beach in Isla Mujeres include aquaerobics, dancing, volleyball, and more. On the way back to your hotel, we’ll have a fun party with music and contests. Note that the tour price doesn’t include a pier tax ($7 per person) and, if you book a snorkeling tour, an additional reef tax of $3.00 USD.

Prepare for the Best Vacation

In our tour Xenotes are an experience of safety and fun. Our transportation services will pick you up from the airport and take you directly to your hotel, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Wayak is the only travel agency that offers professional and bilingual guides for your comfort. Explore our tours and book in advance to make the most of your Xenotes tourist attractions experience!

Xenotes Tour
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