An original and marvellous way to swim in ancient ceremonial spots.

The most amazing trip and tour to the Yucatan cenotes is at your hands with Wayak. Live an unforgettable adventure to one of the most magical natural ancient places where, besaides swimming and diving, you can learn about its importance in Mayan rituals. These special places were used many centuries ago as ceremonial human and treasure sacrifices.

With supervised swimming and diving activities, and the opportunity to take amazing pictures in one of the most wonderful natural enviromnents, you and your family will experience one of the most fun days of your vacations at Yucatan in Mexico. The green or blue water at these cenotes is warm and safe for all the family to swim carelessly.

Tours and trips to the most amazing natural sanctuaries in Mexico.

When hiring our trip and tour to the Yucatan cenotes, you can explore some of the best caverns around, plus have other adventures like kayaking, sky cycle, snorkeling, or even ATV rides. It all depends on what you are willing to experience at this natural adventure. We can personalize your tour depending on your interests.

Our trip and tour to the Yucatan Cenotes is a unique chance to swim in what, ages back, was a sacred place for local comunitie,s where magical and horrible things happened. On one hand it was a place to be near the Gods. On the other, many human sacrifices were made on behalf of mantaining the God's preferance.

The cenotes are a great and luxurious place to swim or do snorkeling.

The henequen haciendas (plantations of sisal) in Yucatan first emerged in the seventeenth century as cattle ranches owned by families, making them the agricultural and industrial centers that produced products for export, before producing sisal. Today the henequen is no longer a wanted material, but you can still visit old plantations on your trip.

The sisal is a type of agave plant that grows in the Yucatan region; it was discovered and cultivated by the Maya people in its eastern states of the Peninsula. When the Spanish arrived in Yucatan, they changed the name of the fiber to sisal agave" and mechanized the process and began producing sisal for export to other parts of the world."


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    Swimming with Whale Shark Adventure
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    Snorkeling Adventure

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    Xenotes Tour
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