Tours to Xochimilco for foreign visitors

When visiting Mexico City, it is almost impossible not to visit one of the most emblematic sites of the place. We have carefully planned a Xochimilco Mexico City tours, which allows foreign visitors to take a closer look into this magical place, where many dreams and wishes have become true.

Get to know one of the most emblematic places in Mexico City, Wayak gives you the best tours in Xochimilco. One of the main attractions of Xochimilco are its canals, where you can navigate aboard the well-known trajineras. If you decide to visit this beautiful place in Mexico City, you can't miss a tour on them. During our tour Xochimilco meals are not included, but we have a stop to have lunch, then 1-hour ride in a traditional trajinera. Then we continue to Coyoacan neighborhood and finally to Mexico's University campus, that holds the Olympic Stadium of 1968 and a lot of walls painted by famous artists.

In southern Mexico City, in the heart of Xochimilco, sits one of the most traditional markets. Touring it from beginning to end is a local costume carried out daily, but an unbelievable experience for its visitors, a fast-paced race through local delicacies. Wayak will take you here safely with our Xochimilco tour in Mexico City you won't regret.


Walking down the long corridor of the Xochimilco Market you'll find a rich cultural experience, and undoubtedly the best way to approach the traditional foods in Xochimilco. Delve into the flavors and be seduced by the colorful fruit, food stalls, its immense variety of flowers, toys and everything else that you can find with Wayak's Xochimilco tour in México City.

Come and enjoy the majesty of the Xochimilco canals, a unique attraction that exists thanks to the authorities and some neighbors and producers who are working to preserve them. Xochimilco canals are famous all over the world, first for their natural beauty. Book your tours in Xochimilco Mexico with us today!

The trajineras in which you can navigate the canals are an incredible attraction and a must for any Xochimilco tours. They are usually adorned with encrusted flowers and are assigned a feminine name. They can be boarded at any of the nine piers. The trajineras are a perfect excuse to spend time with family or friends while having fun with music and great food. Enjoy the best tours in Xochimilco Mexico with Wayak.

On your next visit, in addition to our Xochimilco Mexico City tours, you will have the opportunity to meet a species of amphibian exclusive to this place. We are talking about the ajolote. Its name in Nahuatl means sea monster. It is a species that is currently under protection, as it has been the target of hunting, since it is believed to have characteristics that make it therapeutic for respiratory diseases. It is a species of amphibians that you can meet on your next visit, you will be impressed with them. Choose with Wayak the best Xochimilco tour in Mexico City.


Besides our Xochimilco Mexico City tours, which you can enjoy during your next vacation, we invite you to choose any of our destinations. Mexico City has so much to know, to enjoy, as well as impressive and delicious dishes to try. You can't miss it all with our tours.

How to live an amazing experience while visiting some of the city's most important sites? The answer is talking to people you meet, trying without hesitation any dish or food you find tasty, and breathing the air while you are at our Xochimilco Mexico City tours. This is the only way you will experience all the city has to offer.

Visit the mysterious remains of pre-Hispanic cities found right in the heart of downtown, share the horizon with countless exquisite temples and colonial houses made from volcanic rock and arched courtyards and fountains downtown. You will never forget your visit to our country; there is so much to see with us and our tours to Xochimilco.

Choose Wayak's safe transportation services today. We have professional guides that will show you the most beautiful corners of Mexico City. With us you can customize your next vacation and make the most of the time you spend here. Enjoy the trajinera rides with our Xochimilco Mexico City tours. Travel safely with our transportation services and enjoy everything Wayak has to offer.

Magic Xochimilco Tour & Coyoacan
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Magic Xochimilco Tour & Coyoacan
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