The best Monte Alban Oaxaca tours for Small Gropus

Meet our travel agency, we take you through the best Oaxaca trips, we take you to Monte Alban and the most emblematic sites of Oaxaca. Travel safe with us without risking your integrity and safety.

Wayak is here to offer you the best monte alban tours for small groups available. There is no better way to really experience first-hand the magic that is Mexico, than with us. Monte Alban is an archeological site near Oaxaca that will take your breath away; read on and see for yourself all that you will get when traveling with us to this place.

Monte Alban is located just 10 kilometers West of the capital of Oaxaca, on a small plateau on one of the peaks overlooking the valley, 400 meters high. Certainly in its heyday, it was a good place for military surveillance. Come unearth the mysteries of this place with our Monte Alban Oaxaca tours for small groups, contact us to know more.


Get up early for breakfast, climb the mountain and admire one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the country, declared World Heritage in 1987. This mountain grows small trees in flowering season, making it white top, hence the name Monte Alban. Our guide will tell you so much more during your Monte Alban tours for small groups.

The restoration done by the National Institute of Anthropology and History has restored the splendor of its buildings, notably the Great Plaza, a great plain where you can rotate 360 degrees and admire temples, palaces and ball game courts. Nowhere else will you experience such a magical place than with our Monte Alban Oaxaca tours for small groups.

In the southwest corner is a temple with the famous carved stone headstones popularly called The Dancers, though recent archaeological studies suppose that these could be a medical treaty documenting some types of birth defects. Draw your own conclusion when you come visit with our Monte Alban tours for small groups. We assure you, you'll love it.

Near the entrance of the archaeological site is the museum that will point you to the treasures of Monte Alban. Major archaeological discoveries have been more than 170 burials, according to experts, this were for individuals of high political or religious hierarchy in the Zapotec civilization. Our guides have all the information that you need.


Choose our Monte Alban Oaxaca tours and customize the activities you want to do on your next visit to Oaxaca. We have several recommendations for you, we are sure you will enjoy each one of them. 

By choosing one of the guided Oaxaca trips, you have the opportunity to experience one of the most popular festivities, La Guelaguetza. This is a festival held in honor of the Virgen del Carmen. It is performed from a parade where young people from the regions of Oaxaca dress in their typical regional costumes accompanied by musical bands with dances while walking along the main avenues. During this festivity you can get to know the culture through folkloric dances. 

Without a doubt, you can't leave Oaxaca without trying mezcal, an alcoholic beverage perfect for any occasion. Oaxaca is one of the main producers of mezcal, a drink that comes from the maguey plant. In one of the private Oaxaca trips, you will be able to taste and choose to take some bottles of this drink that will fascinate you. 

Choose us as your guide for Oaxaca trips and get to know the best of this beautiful state. We are professionals in giving you the best attention and showing you all the culture and adventure you want to have in your visit to Oaxaca. Schedule your tours today and enjoy your vacation to the fullest with Wayak.

Get to know the best of Oaxaca and choose our travel agency and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You will be able to know Oaxaca and Monte Alban in a safe and fun way. Book now with us.

Zapoteca Heritage (Monte Albán)
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Zapoteca Heritage (Monte Albán)
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