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Meet the most beautiful of Oaxaca, visit with us the most emblematic areas of this magical place. Enjoy an excursion through one of the most representative states of Mexican culture. If you want to get to know the culture in depth, Oaxaca tours with Wayak is your main option. Visit the archaeological ruins and the rich gastronomy that defines Oaxaca with professional guides and experts who know the area.

The tradition of pottery has a long history in Mexico. In almost all regions of the country they've developed the discipline of pottery. Some vessels have been discovered as being over three thousand years old and today they are still produced for decorative or utilitarian purposes. On your affordable Oaxaca excursions, we'll recommend you what to do.

There are many ways to travel Mexico, but if you are looking for the best most affordable tour Oaxaca, Wayak is here for you; we are a tourism agency that offers simply the best tours and transportation services in the country; chauffeured vans, shuttle routes and so much more. Read on and see for yourself all that there is to see with us.


One of the things that define the culture in Oaxaca, are its beautiful handmade crafts. When taking tours in Oaxaca Mexico, you should consider visiting places where you can see firsthand the work done by artisans with clay, pottery is something characteristic that you can not miss in Oaxaca. You can find beautiful pieces completely handmade by Oaxacan artisans who dedicate their lives to it.

But among all other regions of the country, Oaxaca boasts a prestigious pottery tradition. But not all clay is the same. In San Bartolo Coyotepec, which is just 12 kilometers away from the state capital, a variety of fully black colored clay and a smooth texture that has achieved worldwide recognition. This is called Barro Negro and it is beautiful.

Just walk through the streets of the town and the friendly Zapotec artisans will invite you to their home workshops where beautiful hand-made pieces of this unique material are collected in the outskirts of town. It is very noticeable, especially its smooth finish. 

Choose Wayak to live these unique experiences on Oaxaca ruins tours. Get to know today the Zapotec culture and enjoy impressive places and delicious food, you will be fascinated by the ruins of Monte Alban. Our guides will let you know more in our affordable tour Oaxaca.


By choosing one of the Oaxaca tours, you have the opportunity to experience one of the most popular festivities, La Guelaguetza. This is a festival held in honor of the Virgen del Carmen. It is performed from a parade where young people from the regions of Oaxaca dress in their typical regional costumes accompanied by musical bands with dances while walking through the main avenues. During this festivity you can get to know the culture through folkloric dances

Of course, Oaxaca excursions are not the same if you haven't tried the typical mezcal. Mezcal is an alcoholic beverage that comes from the maguey plant, one of the main producers of this intense and seductive drink is, of course Oaxaca, you can't miss it on our Oaxaca ruins tours.

Due to its very complex topography, there are cultures separated by a couple of mountains, speaking different languages and their clothing and customs are totally different, the state holds the national record to be divided into 570 municipalities. This means that if you book our affordable Oaxaca tours, you will get so, for far more less money.

What will you find? Far from divisiveness, the peoples of the eight regions of the state come together every July in the biggest festival of the state, The Guelaguetza, which presents the dances of each communities and that celebrates multiculturalism. Oaxaca bursts into a party and you can witness all of it with Wayak's affordable Oaxaca ruins tours.

Decide today to choose Wayak's professionals to take the most affordable Oaxaca ruins tours and get to know the rich Mexican culture through your excursion. Don't miss anything on your visit. Schedule with us today.


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