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To make the most of your next vacation, we recommend a destination like Peru. It is a multicultural country full of variety in traditions, gastronomy, natural reserves and protected areas, heritage sites that have been declared worldwide by UNESCO. It is the perfect destination for tours in Peru and visit the coast, highlands and jungle.

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Learn more about Peru

This destination has approximately 5,000 archaeological sites to offer its visitors. Some of them are mysterious enough, but without a doubt, they will take you directly to know the development of the cultures settled in this country. We recommend you to take one of our tours in Peru to enjoy and get to know part of the culture, as well as the activities and fun you can have when you arrive to this country full of magic.

Although Spanish is the official language in this destination, we must mention that at least 47 native languages are spoken throughout its territory, including Quechua and Aymara.

Nature is something that is fully present throughout the length and breadth of the territory, something you can see for yourself by taking one of our tours in Peru. 

Peru is a paradise for adventure lovers, both for the curious and for experts in extreme sports. 

Weather in Peru

Si estás considerando realizar tours en Perú, debes considerar el clima. Debido a la influencia de los Andes y otros factores, en Perú se puede apreciar una diversidad climática. Hacia el centro y sur del país, el clima es subtropical árido o incluso, desértico; la temperatura promedio es de 19°C. A diferencia del norte del país, donde el clima es árido tropical, con una temperatura promedio de 24°C, presentando lluvias durante el verano. 

En la sierra del territorio se registra un clima templado subhúmedo, en áreas desde los 1,000 y 3,000 m.s.n.m., y temperaturas arriba de los 20°C. En alturas desde 3,000 a 4,000 m.s.n.m., el clima es frío, con 12°C, y se registran heladas durante el invierno. Si llegas entre los 4,000 y 5,000 m.s.n.m., la temperatura podrá llegar hasta los 6°C, y si llegas a zonas de más de 5,000 m.s.n.m., puede llegar a los 0°C.

Flora in Peru

It is important to mention that the flora in Peru is 10% of the world total. Of which 30% are endemic. In some of the tours in Peru you will be able to know some of the 787 species of edible plants. In terms of Amazonian forests, Peru ranks second in terms of territory.

The flora is divided into two zones: coast and jungle. The rainy conditions of the coast and with greater solar heat, allow a great variety of plants to grow in these zones, and the types of vegetation that they propitiate are: mangroves, chaparrales, ceibales, algorrabales, and zapotales; all these become trees.

In the jungle, the vegetation is represented in tropical forests with different and varied species of trees. 

Fauna in Peru

As for the fauna, Peru has native species that have been legally protected to preserve them, as well as the natural resources. 

In any of our tours in Peru, you will have the opportunity to contemplate part of the fauna of this beautiful destination. Some of the native species are; the vicuña, the llama, the alpaca, the guinea pig, the condor, the cock of the rock and the pink dolphin, just to mention a few. Dare to discover all the beauty that nature has to offer by taking the best tours in Peru.


Gastronomy in Peru

If you are ready to know one of the most representative points of any culture, you should let yourself be guided by your palate and try typical Peruvian dishes, choose one of our tours in Peru and learn more about its gastronomy.

Some of the traditional dishes of Peruvian gastronomy, and which you can enjoy in one of our tours in Peru are; ceviche, rice with chicken, huancaína potato, red noodles and cau-cau, among many others. 

Part of Peru's gastronomy is also its sweets, such as picarones, suspiro a la limeña, mazamorra morada and zambito rice, among others.

As for drinks, there is also something for all tastes, but the drink considered national in Peru is pisco, which is a mixture of 8 different types of grapes. There is also the chicha morada, the chicha de jora, and of course, the mate de coca, used to cure mountain sickness, due to the high altitude that Peru has, this drink is offered to tourists, even in hotels, as it is a natural stimulant to cure this disease.


Extreme sports in Peru

You can't come to Peru without practicing any of the sports that nature allows you to do with all the resources it puts at our disposal. Choose the best tours in Peru and go for that activity you have always wanted to do.

You will be able to feel the adrenaline and get to know the most beautiful and impressive destinations in Peru. For example, rafting in the rivers that rise in the Andes. For example in the Apurimac River, considered one of the first for this sport in Peru.  Choose one of the tours to know the Urubamba River, which is ideal for kayaking, as well as the Tambopata River.

If you want to live the experience of trekking, and you are physically prepared to do it, in Peru there are ideal places for it, such as the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, crossing the ecosystems of the jungle, enjoying all the flora and fauna of these sites. Or you can do it in Huancaya, a 7-hour hike through beautiful landscapes with rivers and beautiful waterfalls. 

In Peru you can do mountain biking in the highlands, specifically in the Lomas de Pachacamac, in Lunahuaná, Cuzco or Huaraz, among others. It is recommended to do it in a group and to have an experienced guide who knows the area where it is practiced.

If you are interested in rappelling, Lima has places to practice this type of activities. For example, Lurin, Santa Eulalia and Chosica. The whole Andean area has places to practice this extreme sport, which is worth doing when you choose one of the tours in Peru that we offer.

Surfing is another sport you can't miss on your next vacation. As host of world surfing championships, it is evident that Peru has ideal beaches to practice this sport and activity, even just for fun. 


National parks in Peru

The most visited attractions by tourists in Peru are the national parks, Peru has a large number of them. One of them is the Cutervo National Park, it has attractions such as the Bosque de Piedras, El Pilco Waterfall, El Pilco Lagoon and the Gruta de Naranjos. Entrance is free and we recommend that you take one of the tours in Peru.

For camping, there is an ideal place, is the Manu National Park, also has three viewpoints, the entrance fee is 15 soles, it is totally worth camping in this beautiful place.

The Huascaran National Park is an incredible place embellished with the Llanganuco Lagoon, archaeological sites that can not miss in the tours in Peru that you will do this vacation.

For activities such as rafting, the ideal place is the Bahuaja - Sonene National Park, with beautiful beaches.

Another beautiful place is the Otishi National Park, adorned with the Mancobeni, Koshiniato, Cubejo and Tres Saltos waterfalls.


Machu Picchu

Its name translated is Old Mountain, it is located in the Peruvian Andes, it is an Inca citadel and was built in 1450, but discovered until 1911. It is enigmatic and mysterious, it is not known what its purpose was, even to this day is something that is unknown. 

We recommend taking our tours in Peru to visit this sanctuary that has 196 historical points such as archaeological complexes, squares, temples, water fountains, monuments and residences. 

It can be divided into two very distinct sections, on the one hand the one destined for agricultural purposes and the other for urban purposes. 

The representative flora and fauna of Machu Picchu is, by far, exotic. As for the fauna, you can find species such as Andean foxes, the puma, the viscacha, the spectacled bear, the white-tailed deer, to mention a few.

It is important to mention that part of the flora are orchids, a peculiar flower, and in Machu Picchu have been found up to 370 types of this exotic flower. In this place is the largest collection of orchids in the world.

Some of the activities that can be done in Machu Picchu are a walk along the Inca Trail, as well as climbing the Waynapicchu while taking a picture from the top. Be sure to visit this beautiful site on your next tours in Peru.


Tours in Cuzco

Meet the corners of Cuzco, because each one tells a story and each story is captivating, mystical and welcoming. Walk through the streets Ataúd, Siete Culebras, Purgatorio. These are streets where time seems to have stopped, where every corner is a story, where the stones are kept alive because they are intact. Take this tour in one of our tours in Cuzco.

Cuzco has witnessed the entrance of the Spaniards and today preserves that ancestral magic that captivates thousands of visitors who become part of this living history. This place has been declared the historical capital of Peru, and is definitely a must-see.

It is a must stop on tours in Cuzco, because it has it all. From an impressive historic center that reflects the syncretism between Inca and Spanish architecture, to architectural and archaeological jewels that reinforce it as one of the most beautiful cities of the Inca empire. Visit any of these places and discover why it is a destination full of culture and charm. Here you can appreciate the gastronomic gifts of the region, as this city stands out as a representative destination of Peruvian cuisine.

If extreme sports are your thing, here you will find great cycling, hiking, paragliding and hang gliding. In addition, there is a wide variety of boutique hotels to make your stay the most comfortable and pleasant. Visit the best places with our tours in Cuzco.

It is impossible not to fall in love with this city. There is a lot to see, but also the city invites you to walk, to relax, to discover wonderful places. Cuzco is a city that makes any visitor fall in love with it.

The city of Cuzco was rightly declared a World Heritage Site in 1983 by UNESCO. Not only for its past as the capital of the Inca empire, but also for the countless churches, palaces and squares that testify to its importance during the Spanish colonial era. Get to know the best of this place in one of the tours in Cuzco.


Visit and tour with our tours in Lima

The city of Lima is always in constant movement, even the past is not left behind; and Lima offers you such a variety of emotions, sensations, colors and flavors that it is as if it were telling you to be amazed in our Cathedral, fly over the sea, marvel at a movie sunset or taste a unique meal, all this to discover in our tours in Lima.

This city is trendy, for its people, its living culture, for every bit of Peru that you will find on your way; that is why a single visit will never be enough. Lima, full of colonial richness, is the only capital in South America with access to the sea and to be named Gastronomic Capital of Latin America.

Lima shows us wonderful churches and monasteries of Spanish construction, since the country was ruled by the Spanish crown for approximately 300 years. In addition, you can enjoy its delicious traditional food, with typical dishes from the coast, the mountains and the Amazon regions.

Take one of the tours in Lima and get to know this beautiful city settled on a valley and surrounded by extreme desert areas, you will love it for all it has to offer and for its wonderful people.

Tourists come from different parts of the country and the world, as it is a place that offers its inhabitants and visitors various activities that they will enjoy to the fullest.

Lima's tourist attractions do not go unnoticed and are ideal for travelers visiting South America. The capital of the country mixes the traditional with the modern. Discover its beautiful spaces, which offer archaeological sites, churches, squares and buildings with architecture to admire, parks and restaurants, know all this in your next tours in Lima.

This is the only South American capital that has access to the Pacific Ocean. Its beaches with big waves are a paradise for surfers and its wide boardwalks offer spaces to enjoy the views and the sea breeze. Meet with us and enjoy the tours in Lima.


Enjoy the best tours in Paracas

If you want to relax and enjoy nature and marine life, visit this beautiful place and take the best tours in Paracas. You will admire a unique and incredible view of the union of the desert and the sea.

You will also be able to observe a great variety of birds and the distinguished penguins with their graceful movements.

Or choose to take a boat ride to visit the Ballestas Islands, where you will observe the diverse wildlife of the place, we have the best tours in Paracas for you to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Paracas, Peru is a small town on the shores of Peru.  It is an excellent travel destination because of its sea. The main attractions are a boat ride to the Ballestas Islands to see and learn about the marine life. Get to know the best tourist places with our tours in Paracas.

Peruvian Paracas is very small. The streets of El Chaco which is the main town is full of hostels and hostels, and the margin has many restaurants with a Tenerife design. You will find a beach called Playa de Paracas, where you can relax or watch the sailors and the ridiculously large and noisy plataleas while waiting for your transfer to the Ballestas Islands. Come to Peru and enjoy our tours in Paracas.


Beaches of Peru

Meet the best and most beautiful beaches with our tours in Peru. There are about 3,080 kilometers of coastline, that is to say that for beaches and fun at sea, in Peru we do not stop, there are many options.

Punta Sal is a good option, since the hills that surround this beach protect it from the wind and the arid climate, that is to say that it stays without rains and with a warm and embracing sun. It is considered a paradisiacal beach because of its vegetation such as carob trees and grasslands.

Mancora is home to another beach worth visiting in one of the tours in Peru, simply unmissable. This beautiful beach located in the town of the same name, is the ideal place for sports such as surfing, due to its peculiar waves. The surrounding attractions are the Manglares de Tumbes National Sanctuary and the Cerros de Amotape National Park. There are plenty of activities to do in Mancora, as well as places to visit such as restaurants, cafes and bars.

Ilo is the name of a beach located in southern Peru. There you can see everything from pelicans to sea lions. This beach has a beautiful rock formation and is surrounded by islets and cliffs. A place to see some animals such as seagulls, bats, sea otters, octopuses and other species.

Tuquillo is a seaside resort known for its beautiful calm waters of an intense blue, as well as fine sand. It has several islets and also gives you the opportunity to see different birds such as the booby and the guanay. 

Choose the best tours in Peru with Wayak

Stop thinking about where to spend your next vacation, start planning today and visit Peru, a place that awaits you to surprise you with its beautiful natural resources, beautiful landscapes in its national parks, as well as paradisiacal beaches, let yourself be enveloped by the colorful, warm and beautiful culture of Peru. Make the best tours to Peru with Wayak, we adjust to your travel plans, your budget and activities you want to do in this unmissable and ideal destination for your next vacation.


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