Relax and enjoy nature and marine life! Paracas

If you want to relax and enjoy nature and marine life, visit this beautiful place. You will admire a unique and incredible view of the union of the desert and the sea.

You will also be able to observe a great variety of birds and the distinguished penguins with their graceful movements.

You can also take a boat ride to visit the Ballestas Islands, where you will observe the diverse wildlife of the place.

Paracas, Peru is a small town on the shore of Peru. It is an excellent travel beach destination. The main attractions is a boat trip to the Ballestas Islands to see and learn about marine life. 

The Peruvian Paracha is very small. The streets of El Chaco, the main town is full of hostels, and it has many restaurants with a Ten!erife design. You will find a beach called Playa de Paracas, where you can relax or watch the sailors and ridiculously large and noisy platforms while waiting for your transfer to the Ballestas Islands.

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