Campeche, Merida and Oaxaca bus tours and transportation services.

Travel by bus from Campeche to Merida with top comfort and safety. Book your seats for our spacious 13 passenger vans that will take you through the southern roads of Mexico so you can visit the best touristic destinations. You will be departing from Campeche at 12:30pm, and arriving to Merida at 6pm, after visiting the archeological site of Uxmal.

Travel by bus from Campeche to Merida and explore Mexico in an alternative way with our shuttle van service. Make your reservations and you wont` have to worry about anything but enjoying the ride and the in-between stop at the archeological site of Uxmal. You will find short and detailed palaces sculpted with stones at beautiful wild landscapes.

Comfort and safety travelling by bus from Campeche to Merida.

By travelling by bus from Campeche to Merida, you will see how much time and money you are saving with Wayak`s services. Merida is also known as the white city, here you can find indigenous traditions, dominant colonial presence and modern international flavor. Merida is known as the center of the Mayan culture and there is always something to do.

When you travel by bus from Campeche to Merida, you will be able to visit the two most important museums in Merida: The City Museum and the National Museum of Anthropology and History. The first one is quite small but the visit is totally worthy because it displays artifacts and photos of the region. Whitness the Mayan marvels with your own eyes.

Campeche Merida
$ 19.00 USD

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We offer you the best way of travelling from Campeche to Merida.

If you are looking for nightlife in Merida, you will find a different events each day of the week. On Mondays you'll find Vaquerías, with performances of the folkloric ballet. Tuesdays are for trova and Wednesdays for international music. On Thursdays there's a Serenata Yucateca, a show full of art, music and folklore with a festive environment.

Don't waste time and money with expensive, low-class on ground transportation services. Explore and marvel with our amazing routes visiting the best destinations at this part of the contry and enjoy the ride while you have on-road entertainment and information with kind bilingual guides. This is the best way to travel throughout Southeast Mexico.


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