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Extreme adventures for those adventurous and lunatics.

If you want to live the Mayan adventure and you're looking for Xplor extreme day tours for groups in Riviera Maya, look no further, Wayak has simply the best tours, excursions and transportation services like chauffeured vans, shuttle routes and so much more. Book yours today and discover the many advantages of traveling with us.

Xplor is a natural park adventure located in Riviera Maya, near Cancun. Experience the thrill of flying in 14 amazing zip lines over the tops of the trees, riding an amphibious vehicle along the road through the jungle and through caves and grottos, all this and more with our Xplor extreme day tours for groups in Riviera Maya. Contact us now!

The best way to enjoy the Riviera Maya is with Wayak tours.

Swim in an underground river surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites, paddle with your own hands on a raft while watching amazing rock formations created by nature over millions of years. All this and more with our Xplor extreme day tours for groups in Riviera Maya and remember, we have tours for many other destinations.

Help your body to recover all the energy spent with a delicious and nutritious buffet, juice and fruit smoothies, and a cup of hot chocolate will be waiting at the exit of the underground rivers. If you are adventurous, this is one of the attractions in Riviera Maya that you cannot miss. Book your Xplor extreme day tours for groups in Riviera Maya

Extreme activities at Xplor and nearby natural attractions.

Within the vast expanse between Mexico and Honduras, you'll find Cozumel, among the three most popular destinations for sport diving, and this is due not only to the great visibility, up to 60 meters in optimal conditions, and pleasant water temperatures (26-28 °), but the spectacular beauty of the reef. Come see it in our Xplor extreme day tours.

This made it possible that in July 1996, under a presidential decree most federal land and sea areas of the southwest of the island of Cozumel were considered reserves under the name Cozumel Reefs National Park. Our bilingual guides will tell you so much more in our Xplor extreme day tours for groups in Riviera Maya.


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