Oaxaca tours in English with chauffeured vans

Wayak's Oaxaca tours in english with bilingual guides offer the most comprehensive tours in Oaxaca and those many other cities that make Mexico famous. We invite you to learn more about this city and the many things to see and do. You will love a visit to one of the most picturesque places in the country.

Choose the best way to discover Oaxaca tours and its rich culture. We are professionals in giving you the best attention and experience in your visit. Find with us the professionalism to know the city with Oaxaca walking tours. Discover the Mexican culture and all it has to offer such as food, different kinds of drinks and festivities. 

Oaxaca, pronounced Oajaca is the state capital of the same name. Located 470 kilometers from Mexico City, it offers an excellent climate all year round, thanks to an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. But more than its climatic reasons, its culture and the warmth of the people are just some of the thing's you'll discover in our Oaxaca tours.


Rich in history and culture, Oaxaca is a fascinating destination where ancient civilizations confluence, colonial architecture and amazing traditions. Established as a city in the New Spain in 1529, this land was known by Zapotec civilizations and even prehistoric settlements. Come learn more about our Oaxaca walking tours with bilingual guides.

A few kilometers from the town is the archaeological site of Monte Alban, which was the most important military and religious site in the Oaxaca Valley. The state of conservation of the archaeological site is so good that to imagine the daily activity in the streets. There is no better way to see all this; book your Oaxaca tours right now.

Monte Alban is the most important archaeological zone of the state, and one of the most famous, however, there are others that deserve your visit, such as Mitla and Dainzú Yagul. Wayak offers tours to this and many other wonderful places, contact us to know more about the Oaxaca tours with bilingual guides and our many other options.


The state capital maintains its colonial essence. A walk will remind you of the life of the viceroyalty. The main square (Zocalo, as we call it in Mexico), is flanked by the cathedral and buildings dating from the sixteenth century, they have been beautifully restored and are now hotels, restaurants, galleries and museums; come see them all now.

By choosing Oaxaca tours in English you will get to know some of the most important activities that take place in the state. One of the most important festivals is La Guelaguetza. This festival full of culture, folkloric dances, traditional costumes and music, is celebrated in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, it starts with a parade along the main avenues of Oaxaca de Juarez and live this party will allow you to know much more closely everything Oaxaca has to offer.

Another way to discover Oaxaca tours is through its varied gastronomy. The typical Oaxacan dishes will delight your senses and allow you to taste the most delicious of its culture, dishes like mole negro, tlayudas, caldo de piedra and Oaxacan tamales wrapped in banana leaves are a must on the Oaxaca walking tours. We also recommend you try mezcal. A drink from the maguey plant, perfect to drink on any occasion, it works perfect as a digestive after tasting the typical Oaxacan dishes. 

If you want to get to know Oaxaca and its surroundings, Wayak is the right choice for you. Be guided by professionals and discover Oaxaca tours to learn more about the culture and traditions that fill this city. Oaxaca is full of color, flavor and fun for you in every corner.

Choose your Oaxaca tours in English today and customize your travel experience with us. Our guides are professionals and will show you what you want to see in Oaxaca. Take away a good taste of what you will see and taste here. Schedule your walking tours in Oaxaca today, there is no better experience than Wayak.

Zapoteca Heritage (Monte Albán)
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Zapoteca Heritage (Monte Albán)
Archaeological sites
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