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If you are already planning your next vacation and you want to get adventurous and get to know a destination that has it all, your best option is to choose tours in Guatemala with Wayak. A trip to Guatemala is what you need to clear your mind, rest from the hectic pace of life, and start getting to know a unique country full of adventure.

Guatemala is a country visited by hundreds of tourists throughout the year, since its climate allows it to be called the country of eternal spring. This is ideal for tours in Guatemala, because on average the temperature ranges between 22 º Celsius. Guatemala is one of the places with the greatest influence of the Mayan civilization, the culture prevails among its people to this day. In this beautiful country there are a total of 25 ethnic groups, of which 22 are of Mayan origin, and about 25 different languages are spoken, including Spanish.

tours in guatemala

Get to know the best of Guatemala on your next trip

In your trip to Guatemala you will be able to know a beautiful culture, and contemplate beautiful landscapes and views; it has different attractions and many activities to do, as well as places to explore.

With tours in Guatemala you can visit beautiful places like Antigua Guatemala, archaeological sites, national parks and protected areas, many of them are the main tourist attractions and reasons to take tours in Guatemala.

Discover the Mayan culture up close with tours in Guatemala

As we have mentioned, Guatemala is the heart of the Mayan culture, a culture full of mysticism and magic in every aspect. To learn more about this culture, we recommend tours in Guatemala. You will visit beautiful places that will allow you to see closely this ancestral legacy with more than 4,000 years old. The tradition is still passed on to new generations, and is something that lasts until today. 

With tours in Guatemala, you will be able to see the cultural and natural richness of this beautiful country. 

In Guatemala there are several sites of ruins and vestiges of the Mayan culture, in your visit to Guatemala, you can not miss the opportunity to learn more about this culture and make the best tours in Guatemala to live the adventure to the fullest.

About tourism and tours in Guatemala

Guatemala receives millions of visitors a year, most of them arrive by air, others by land, and a small part by sea. There are several attractions or sites that you can not miss during your stay in this country. Tours in Guatemala will allow you to get to know much more than just the most important places, but also a magical culture and the warmth of its people. Not for nothing, Guatemala is one of the most diverse countries in the world, in your tours in Guatemala you will find a huge variety of exotic fauna, as well as landscapes that are an important part of the main attractions in Guatemala. 

Part of the tourists that Guatemala receives every year, seek adventure in activities such as volcano climbing, trekking, rappel, canopy, rafting, caving or mountain biking, just to mention a few. 

When it comes to adventure, fun or simply rest and relaxation when vacationing in Guatemala, here you will find more than one option for all tastes. For example: hot springs, thermal spas both medical and aesthetic, yoga and meditation centers; complementary medicine such as acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic; and detoxification. As you can see all these activities are part of the experiences that tours in Guatemala offer, in terms of medicine, wellness services or simply to know and live the experience in the health sanctuaries that this beautiful country has. 

Beaches in Guatemala

You can not miss the tours in Guatemala, if you have not visited before or not consider taking a walk and visit some of the beaches of Guatemala. This country has the perfect weather conditions to enjoy the beauty of its beaches. There is an enormous care for the beaches in Guatemala, and thanks to this, you can quietly enjoy paradisiacal and clean beaches, which becomes a point in favor of receiving a large number of tourists. For example, the Pacific coast has black sand, an exotic beach and vegetation right on the beach. On the other hand, the Caribbean coast has white sand beaches and beautiful views that will take your breath away. 

In the tours in Guatemala, and your passage through the beaches, you can perform activities such as surfing, snorkeling, sailing or sailing boat, and certainly know the beautiful vegetation and the volcanic origin of many of these beaches.


Volcanoes in Guatemala

For those looking for adventure and the best tours in Guatemala, here you will be able to know and conquer the beautiful nature. Guatemala has more than 340 volcanoes that you can explore on your next vacation. All these volcanoes have been formed over thousands of years and are able to offer unique experiences for those who dare to explore them. Some of them, special for those who love adventure and enjoy extreme sports, and others for those who have no previous experience, but do not want to miss out on exploring them. 

The first of these volcanoes, which today we want you to know, is the Pacaya Volcano; which is located in Escuintla, is one of the most important, not only in Guatemala, but throughout Central America, it is a volcano that is still active. Climbing to the top is synonymous with beautiful and perfect views, where you can see rivers of lava from this active volcano, certainly a spectacle that delights the eye and all the senses.

Another recommendation for your tours in Guatemala is the Chicabal Volcano and Lagoon, because when you get to the top of this volcano you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the Chicabal Lagoon. Of course, it will take you 3 to 4 hours to get to the top but the beautiful cone shape will impress you at first sight, even before you start to climb it.

A must is also the Ipala Volcano and Lagoon, this volcano requires a lot of effort to reach its summit, thanks to this volcano has wide roads, it is possible to reach the top of it, even on horseback. When you reach this place you will enjoy a beautiful and unparalleled view of the Ipala Lagoon. 


Why should you visit Guatemala?

There are so many things that make Guatemala a unique place to vacation; some of those things are the many diverse experiences you can enjoy on the tours in Guatemala. The whole territory is unparalleled as it combines Mayan culture and ruins, as well as Spanish colonial heritage, beautiful and modern buildings, and without a doubt, the beautiful and paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, all together in the same place. Not to mention the warmth and hospitality of its inhabitants who also add to the unforgettable experience of the traveler in his passage through the beautiful Guatemala. 

By visiting this beautiful country and enjoying the tours in Guatemala that we offer, you can get to know the Mayan culture very closely, as well as archaeological sites that are really impressive, you can learn about some of the traditions and customs, some still in force and others that have been left for history, but without a doubt, it is the perfect opportunity to learn much better about this beautiful and mystical culture. One of the characteristics of Guatemala, is that in some of its towns, the Mayan culture has come to merge with Christian iconography, as they carry out some Mayan rituals, but make their pilgrimages with the saints around their churches. 

Another reason to visit Guatemala is its great biodiversity, since there are several national parks and special places to enjoy the vegetation and learn about the diversity of the country's flora. 


Discover and take tours in Antigua Guatemala

The real name of Antigua Guatemala is Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala, but its historical name is Muy Noble y Muy Leal Ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala; popularly known as Antigua Guatemala. It is located 25 kilometers from the capital of the republic.

Antigua Guatemala is considered a cultural patrimony of humanity by UNESCO. This city is full of attractive historical details, temples and ancient monasteries are part of its richness. We recommend tours in Antigua Guatemala to know closely the details that make it so unique and a cultural heritage. 

Through the tours in Antigua Guatemala you will be able to visit and learn about more than 500 years of history kept in a city with an incredible climate and an impressive view of the Fuego and Acatenango volcanoes. The view of the beautiful Agua volcano is admirable. 

The details of this city are what enhance, even more, its beauty. It is an important part of the cultural legacy of Guatemala, it even seems that this city is stopped in time with its cobblestone streets, colonial style houses, monuments, and of course, legends and traditions. 

When taking tours in Antigua Guatemala you can not miss several attractions such as The Palace of the Captains General, The Convent and Arch of Santa Catalina, The Jade Museum, The Museum of the University of San Carlos, The Plaza Mayor, The Old Cathedral of Guatemala, The Holy Route of Brother Pedro, among many other beautiful attractions that you can enjoy. 

When you take any of the tours in Antigua Guatemala, you will undoubtedly find beautiful and unique handicrafts such as typical textiles, silver and gold products, pottery, ceramics, metal products, as well as all kinds of typical sweets and a varied and delicious gastronomy. 

You can't miss our tours in Antigua Guatemala to visit really iconic and impressive sites considered cultural heritage of humanity.


The best tours in Flores to know and visit

Flores is a municipality belonging to Petén, and is located 480 kilometers from Guatemala City, better known as Flores Island, is surrounded by Lake Petén Itzá and is joined by a bridge to the city of Santa Elena de la Cruz. 

Within the city there are tourist attractions, therefore, to know this beautiful city, we recommend taking tours in Flores, this way you can visit archaeological sites; some of these sites you can visit are Tikal, Uaxactún, Yaxhá or Tayasal. 

You will also find sites of tourist interest such as the Petencito Zoo, the Actún Kan Caves, with vestiges of the Maya civilization; the Mirador del Rey Canek, or the museums in Tikal, as well as trails in Benilj Ha, Zac Baquecán and Ixpanpajul.

When taking tours in Flores you will be able to walk through the beautiful streets of Flores, which are full of color and are part of the historical and cultural heritage of Guatemala. You will be able to climb to the highest part of this beautiful town and get incredible views of Lake Petén Itzá. You can't miss the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios.

As you can see, Flores is a must on your next trip to Guatemala, an excellent opportunity to get a close look at the Mayan culture, traditions and most representative sites. Choose one of the tours in Flores and get to know the most beautiful of Guatemala.


Choose tours in Lanquin

Lanquín is known and visited by tourists because of the Lanquín caves and Semuc Champey: a natural monument with beautiful turquoise waters, here you can appreciate the limestone pools with shapes that simulate huge turquoise gems. Tours in Lanquin will take you to this incredible adventure, it is necessary first, to go through a descent to the caves of this river. These beautiful pools are located 9 kilometers south of Lanquín and are definitely one of the main attractions of the area. This place receives visitors to swim and watch the water flow through a huge stone formation of about 300 meters, forming small waterfalls. 

If you want a little adventure, you can choose tours in Lanquin and walk along some trails and wooden suspension bridges in Semuc Champey. One of these trails will lead you to a lookout point above the natural turquoise pools.

When choosing tours in Lanquín, you can visit the coffee or cardamom farms, located on the hillsides surrounding this small and beautiful town. One of the main attractions of Lanquín are the caves and natural pools. Although the town is small and very quiet, the adventure is located less than a kilometer northwest of the town. Explore the caves by flashlight, and as the water makes its way through the caves, you can see stalactites hanging from the ceiling, or watch bats flying from dusk to night. 


Must-see stop and tours in Panajachel

This beautiful city is located on the shores of Lake Atitlan. The city has natural reserves and a complete street that has been converted into a handicraft market which you can not miss.

One of the most important points of the tours in Panajachel is the boat trip to visit other sites near the city such as Santiago Atitlán.

You will be able to know in the tours in Panajachel, that this city is full of hotels, restaurants, recreation areas, chalets used by tourists from all over the world.

Panajachel is really the starting point to get to know Lake Atitlan. 

Lake Atitlan is the largest body of water in all of Guatemala. This lake, which you can visit on tours in Panajachel, is surrounded by three volcanoes, which are Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro, called The Three Giants. This allows the formation of an impressive landscape worthy of admiration. It is important to mention that the water of Lake Atitlán is characterized by staying warm, which facilitates and encourages tourists to go swimming regardless of the season or weather.

These are, without a doubt, the tours in Panajachel that you cannot miss on your next trip to Guatemala. 


Travel to Guatemala on your next vacation

Antiques and handicrafts are part of the culture, and in the tours in Guatemala you can find plenty of souvenirs to take as a memory of an extraordinary trip, also weavings or carved wooden masks. And you can not miss the markets like Chichicastenango, are places of much tourism, a real spectacle to behold, where every Sunday you can delight your eyes with traditional costumes and authentic things of local life, as well as stunning colors, certainly places full of culture for our senses.

A beauty not to be missed in Guatemala tours is the Rio Dulce, which connects one of the most important rivers of Guatemala, Izabal, with the Caribbean Sea. Be amazed by the lush vegetation and beautiful bird songs as you take a boat ride. There is no better experience.


Enjoy the best activities and the best tours in Guatemala

Another reason to visit Guatemala, is the architectural prowess, which will allow you to enjoy beautiful views wherever you look, whether natural landscapes, or in the middle of its cities with impressive colonial buildings and vibrant colors, for example Antigua Guatemala.

Book the best tours in Guatemala

Choose Wayak as your first choice for your next trip to Guatemala. With us you will get the adventure you are looking for on your next vacation. Don't miss the best places. Visit with us the most beautiful spots in Guatemala and get to know the Mayan culture up close with our tours in Guatemala. 

Choose your tours today, choose the adventure and spend a vacation full of activities and adventure, which will be unforgettable. 

Contact us and book your places, we adapt to your budget and we offer tours in Guatemala according to the activities you want to do during your stay in this beautiful country.


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