Discover one of the largest civilizations in the world! Flores

Flores Island in Guatemala is located in Peten, one hour south of Tikal. It is surrounded by the third biggest lake in Guatemala, Lake Peten Itza. The picturesque town of Flores Guatemala offers you the chance to enjoy stunning landscapes, cultural activities, plus, it is the gateway to most of the archaeological Mayan parks around the area.

This quiet Island is one of the 25 most colorful places in the world. It hosts a big concentration of restaurants, cafés and pubs to keep you busy during your stay. Flores is the perfect place to relax for a couple of days, combining it with awesome things to do like exciting excursions to the Crib of the Mayas, one of the biggest civilizations in the history of the world.

For many, the main reason to visit Flores is its proximity to Tikal, the most famous Maya ruins in Guatemala, or as a starting point for trips around Petén. But the city itself is a wonder — full of colonial, red-roofed buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, a historic church and Spanish plaza, and restaurants that are easy to stumble upon walking the city's charming streets. Most will find that this island city is more than just a take-off point, but a memorable attraction in itself. Flores is a quiet and peaceful place, and probably one of the safest places.

The best way to know this beautiful island is by walking around. Flores Guatemala is the safest place in the North of Petén and is an ideal place for travelers who enjoy water sports and contact with nature. Flores Guatemala has a rich concentration of Mayan architectonic treasures that will take you to the ancient times. Create memorable experiences by trekking through the jungle of Guatemala or take a boat trip throughout Lake Peten Itza.

A popular destination with great vegetation, beautiful scenery and a stunning mystery about one of the oldest ancient civilizations is awaiting your visit in the North of Guatemala.

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